How To Figure Out What’s Going On In A Woman’s Mind By Her Body Language – A Must Read

For majority of guys, it is almost impossible to understand what exactly is in the mind of women, so they would not really figure out if a girl whom they are interested in feels the same way for them or otherwise. The truth is, it is not that difficult as you think it is. You can easily figure out what is going on inside a woman’s mind through her body language. Read on for you to find out as these ways are proven to be a hundred percent effective.

A Girl’s Hands

According to a research conducted, a girl’s hands are in fact no less than 3 degrees colder compared to yours and the temperature decreases when she feels stressed. A girl’s body is programmed to maintain the temperature of her body core warmer than her extremity. An excellent means to give warmth to a girl’s hands is by wrapping your arms all over her waist; this will make her temperature increase.

A Girl’s Nose

Don’t you know that a girl’s smelling power is at its best every morning? You may want to consider cooking or preparing a breakfast meal for her. Now, this is the part where you will ask why. The reason is that 90 percent of every meal’s taste is in its smell. Based on a study made, a warm banana loaf is excellent if you are in the mood for some tender loving care since the smell it gives helps raise the flow of blood to her vagina. Plus, do not forget to brush your teeth, too. Nobody wants to kiss someone who has bad breath.

A Girl Who Flutters Her Eyelashes

Look at her eyes for awhile; you should see her blinking for approximately 15 times every minute. According to a research, a girl who is on a Pill bat an eyelid 32 percent quicker than a girl who is not, and because her hormone level is changing, a girl on a Pill is more sexually fascinated to men who possess sturdy large jaws and rugged features, so go for a strong, hard and confident look.

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