How To Figure Out What’s Going On In A Woman’s Mind By Reading Her Body Language? A Must Read

A girl who’s been around in the dating scene, and a girl who hasn’t, both know that it’s not nice to talk about intimate emotions on the first date. So, if you wanted to move to the next level, how would you know she’s up for it? How exactly do you know what she’s thinking if she doesn’t open her mouth and speak up?

If what a girl says to you doesn’t really make any sense, look into the more reliable signals – her body language. Let’s talk about some signs, and what they mean.

Show of hands, please! Pay close attention to her arms, hands and fingers. A girl who has her arms crossed over her chest may be defensive or uninterested. This might be a good opportunity to adjust your moves and say something that will interest her.

Hands clasped means she’s thinking. A giveaway, however, is her fingers. If she’s drumming them non-stop on the table, it definitely means you’re going to have to start on one of your magic tricks, because she’s awfully bored. But, if she’s doing seductive things with them, like licking them, or playing with the rim of her glass, she may be giving you sexual vibes.

Posture perfect! If a girl is slumped back in her chair, you probably haven’t said or done anything that caught her attention yet. If she’s seated upright, but too upright, that means she’s tense, and she may be new to this whole getting-to-know-a-guy.

You can also tell a lot about a girl’s confidence in her posture. A slight slouch and crossed legs sends the signal “I’ve had a rough week at work, and I want to relax. Anyone want to buy me a drink?” When talking to a girl, notice her chest. Is it pointed towards you? Facing you with not just her face but her body means she’s interested in you.

Eyes, eyes baby! A girl rolling her eyes is definitely not a positive sign. It means you strike her as someone stupid, or boring. A girl looking over your shoulder, or anywhere except you, obviously means she doesn’t want you there, and she’s looking for something better to come along.

Now a girl who flutters her eyelashes at you knows her stuff in seducing men, because that trick never fails. Here’s a giveaway move that girls make when they like a guy. They hold a stare, gazing dreamily into a guy’s eyes then abruptly look away, as if suddenly embarrassed. If she gave you this sign and you were wondering all night what she thought about you, you have your answer right there.

So see, although women can read minds, it isn’t wise to read a woman’s mind. It is, however, wiser, to read a woman’s body.

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