How To Find Frames For Prescription Sunglasses

These days just about everybody loves sunglasses. We always have a pair with us and many of us just love to try them on in shops just to see how well they suit us. They are quickly becoming an indispensable fashion item. Sunglasses offer protection from dangerous ultra violet light at the same time as dripping with attitude. The world, in particular the fashion world, looks a whole lot trendier through the lenses of fashionable sunglasses. Now there is a huge range of trendy frames available for those who need prescription sunglasses. We can afford to be a bit more adventurous with sunglasses than we might be with our every day glasses. However, even the trendiest frames will lose their appeal if they dont suit your face.
Here are some handy tips on picking the right sunglasses for your face:
Square faces look best with frames which project a bit higher as that will balance the square shape of the jaw. Styles which curve around the face look good.
Round faces look good with darker shades of black or tortoise shell. Seek out straight lines and angles coupled with dark lenses. Frames which are square in shape can look good.
If you have a face that resembles a triangle, with a wide forehead and smaller chin, you should look for frames with vertical lines and slim rims. You will also look good in oval shaped glasses with smooth slim frames and darker lenses.
Rather longer than the square face the oblong face requires a frame that is centred as much as possible. Avoid vibrant colours, heavy nose pieces and big square frames. To be really trendy try wearing a classic style of frame that has been revamped to give it a new fashionable look.
If you have an oval shaped face you are fortunate as you can choose just about any shape. You will still need to make sure that the frame size is in proportion to your face.
As well as considering the shape of the frame with regard to the shape of your face you also need to match the frames to your nose. A large nose is balanced by oversize frames. Long noses look good with frames with a double bridge and high sidebars which emphasise the temples. Short noses look better with lighter shades and higher bridges.
When choosing sunglasses that will look great on you try and find the shape that is diametrically opposed to yours as this will give you a balanced look. Try on different shapes, colours and styles until you find the frames that express your style. Take care to choose the type of frames that look good on your face and you will look so trendy in them that no one is likely to imagine that they are prescription sunglasses. BOLA TANGKAS