How to Find Missing Drivers in 4 Easy Ways

When your PC goes missing drivers there are a few options to correct the problem. These are going to seem like real common sense and you may have tried them already but read on, you’ll find the last suggestion to be the most practical.

Drivers go missing for a number of reasons, sometimes a simple windows update will either revert or update over any driver updates you may have recently done. Hardware drivers can be updated by the Windows update utility that automatically runs to download patches and service packs, this sometimes throws things a little bit off on your system.

So driver errors are just common place on a windows system. So lets go over how to find missing drivers for your system.

Check the CD that came with the hardware – The driver that came with your hardware may not be the latest and greatest version of the driver that device needs, but it can be good enough to get it talking again and enable the most basic functions of the hardware. This can be a good solution if the device in question is an ethernet card and it’s keeping you from connecting to the internet for driver updates.

Check the hardware manufacturer’s site – If you’re able to connect to the internet, then find out who made your device and visit their site, this will 9 out of 10 times get you back quickly. Device manufacturers do not want to handle missing drivers issues for every customer on the phone so they usually have a portal where customers can search and find solutions for their missing or corrupt drivers.

Use the windows driver update wizard – Go to your device manager and right click on the device in question and select properties, when the next window comes up select the driver tab, then select update driver. This will bring up the driver updates wizard, which can sometimes do the job for you, but don’t hold your breath, it’s just another try. Windows tools are not notorious for being effective. This tool will search Microsoft approved driver databases to find missing drivers or updates for existing driver versions only if it has a signature for them.

Use a driver tool – Last and certainly the best way to find missing drivers. A driver tool takes a different approach to finding drivers and fixing corrupt drivers. The process is straight forward, the tool will first take an inventory of all existing driver updates on your system and the search through its own database of typically thousands and in some cases millions of drivers that can fix your problem and automatically download and fix your problem.