How to find rid of unhealthy meals

Fortunately, there are ways to get back on that diet you started, without feeling guilty that you have eaten some food forbidden. To consume food that is not in the diet that you follow is not a bad habit. You just have to motivate the subsequent burning of calories.

Excessive consumption of calories, in general, psychological and behavioral implications, and very rarely natural. The three most common causes that appeal to a growing number of food calories are:

# We remember the past. Maybe you ate one pizza every Saturday with your family when you were a kid. Therefore, from time to time you will like to live nearby and a sense of understanding and will order a pizza.

# They are very tasty. Sweet and high fat foods are very tasty, you immediately open appetite and get you to want to eat more.

# Follow a diet low in calories. Eating foods low in calories, you will definitely want to eat the food unhealthy

If you need to eat something sweet that does not hesitate to satisfy your appetite. You always watch your calories and do not forget exercise.

An ice cream: Contains 265 calories and takes 75 minutes to walk out the calories.
Healthier alternative: an ice cream diet, low in sugar and fat in that contains only 130 calories.

A chocolate contains about 280 calories and need to walk 70 minutes to take away the calories from it.
Healthier choices: Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, which contains about 90 calories.

A cake: It includes about 450 calories and takes 120 minutes to walk to get out of the calories.
Healthier alternative: Opt for smaller cakes, pies instead of cakes.

Chips: A bag of potato chips contains 280 calories and takes 80 minutes to get rid of calories.
Healthier alternative: Opt for boiled or baked potatoes, which contain about 80 calories.

Pizza: It has about 360 calories and takes 100 minutes walking to remove these calories.
Healthier choices: Choose smaller portions, opt for a vegetable pizza or associates it with a salad.

You should follow a detox diet plan to get rid of toxins

# Lose weight very quickly;
# Giving up unhealthy foods can have beneficial effects on the body;
# Vegetables such as cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli helps prevent cancer;

# Some people have complained that the cabbage soup has no taste;
# Be prepared to have flatulent;
# You need a lot of will;
# It is very salty;
# The results do not last very long.