How to Find the Absolute Best Used Car Deals Online

It is not easy to find the best second hand car deals online as you think it is. You should remember not to buy a used car online, even when the history of the car is clean, unless you have a chance to properly inspect.


The first question regarding buying used cars online that I would ask you is this: Where are the used car dealers buying their cars? The second question that I would ask you is this: Would it be possible for you to buy used cars from the same places that the dealers are buying used cars?


The answer to the first question is at auction….Some auctions are private and only available to dealers however the vast majority are available to the public at large in fact, 10,000’s of thousands of vehicles are auctioned off each week around the country. The answer to the second question is absolutely yes, as I always say, it’s no free lunch but yes, you can cut the dealer out and buy used cars at wholesale, in some cases below “trade in value” if you do your homework.


Finding the best used car deals online:


Finding the best used car deals online in my opinion starts at a legitimate auto auction site, here you can find not only where the vehicle you are interested in is but when it will be auctioned off. Using this approach you can see what the total inventory is around your area. The particular vehicle that you’re interested in could be available at multiple locations so you can use the internet and save tons of time at very little cost.


Once you locate the used car that you are interested in you can contact the auction house to find out when the pre-auction inspection day is scheduled. You know have the opportunity to go and inspect the vehicle to determine if it is one worth bidding on.


Also, prior to auction you have plenty of time to check the vehicles title history, is some cases you can get a complimentary CARFAX report from the auction house. If you put the time in you really can save some money here folks.