How To Fix the 3 Red Light Error?

PC cannot give a matchless and unique experience in gaming zone such as Xbox 360. The keyboard cannot give you the permanent joy of gaming since certain games will not support in your system because of the games graphical resolution. So, you need to buy a separate video game console. For this reason,  Microsoft  introduce Xbox 360. However, the lack of full knowledge in the hardware area caused to meet the pesky problem of E74 error accompanied by three red lights in the power ring area, commonly termed by gamers as the ‘Red Ring of Deaths’ or RRoD.

Tips to fix the 3 Red Light Errors

The failure of the heat sink provided for the GPU can be caused due to the generating of high temperature. Some say that the error may occur because of the weak solder joints of the chip components in the motherboard. The X clamp also can cause of the occurrence the 3 Red Light Errors. To overcome such problems cooling of console by removing the X clamp can work.

One way to fix the 3 Red Light Errors is that of sending the console to the Microsoft service centre where it is repaired at free of cost, the condition is the console should have the valid warranty; whilst the other consoles have a service charge.

The best way to solve this problem is to repair the console by your own. Don’t be taken a back! Since the self repaired service not require any sophisticated tool or a master mind in hardware. Even a beginner with a screwdriver can operate and tackle the problem within two hours! And you can start playing on the same day without wasting time.

A minimal investment of your time and money is suffice to fix the 3 Red Light Errors and you can overcome the problem permanently and self dependently.
What you need is to buy a guide that costs not more than $ 30. Secondly please choose the guide that will give you full length and detailed step by step information with a high quality video. Of course, there are many guides in the market that are high in price and low in quality content or vice versa. But it is wise to choose such a guide that is cheap in price and high quality content guide, which assures money back guarantee and 100 per cent trouble shooting information.