How To Fly A Jet Fighter

Who doesnt dreams about flying an aircraft on his own, especially one of the fast jet fighters?
But its a long and hard way to become a pilot and if you wish to fly a jet fighter its even heavier to reach that. There are different ways to fly military aircrafts, not only to fly fighter jets.
If you want to become a pilot who is able to fly a jet fighter, you have to study a lot during several years.

Most of todays military pilots already thought about fly a jet fighter during school time, because already after you have finished school and an apprenticeship, you have to perform different tests to find out, if you have the skills to fly a military aircraft. After you passed them well you will start to learn a lot about the different aircrafts, navigation, management and physics. Everything is important, if you want to fly a military aircraft, not only if you want to fly a fighter jet.

During the first years of your career you will learn to fly military aircrafts on smaller turboprop-aircrafts. When you are a really experienced pilot who regularly flies military aircraft, you will have the chance to fly fighter aircrafts. You will have to learn a lot of new things, because there are some big differences between flying a normal military aircraft and to fly a jet fighter. To be able to fly fighter you have to be healthy and very good in sports. Only then and after some more difficult tests you will get the chance to fly fighter. You will learn smoothly to fly a jet fighter with some training aircrafts before you continue to fly a jet fighter, a real jet fighter, able to fly supersonic speed. From the day on you are able to fly a jet fighter, you normally wont fly other military aircrafts anymore.

Jet fighter pilots need a lot of practice, so they will fly a jet fighter aircraft several times a day normally. Depending on the country youre flying for, you only fly one type of jet fighter or you will be able to fly different jet fighter.

All in all, the way to become a pilot which is able t fly a jet fighter is very hard and out of several thousand interested in, only a few will have the chance to take place in the cockpit to fly a jet fighter.

But if you wish to fly fighter aircrafts anyway, there are other ways to fly a jet fighter than suffering a lot to fly military aircrafts. Just book your flight as a passenger in a fighter jet!