How to furnish your student Bedrooms

New season for the students to get admission in higher education has come. Students from Nottingham may travel to London; Manchester students may travel to get admission in Nottingham like pawns of chess that move in an extensive way here and there.

No all students but a good number of students prefers to catch their student accommodation without thinking of any pros and cons of the place where they are going to live for the entire semester of a specific time period mentioned in their tenancy agreements.

Let us limit ourselves within the boundaries of our topic.

Decorate your walls:

Usually students are not welcomed by the fully furnished and decorated walls, full with nasty markets and broken walls so the good idea to hide the bad with some reasonable and admissible stuff. Using posters and framed pictures is a good idea to hide the wall with. Try to purchase that stuff which does not require to be hanged by nails on the walls that cause any damage to the wall. White tacks and the picture hanging strips would not cost you too much and would be a good idea to use them.

Students have a lot more options choose from for buy these kinds of posters and pictures from the markets. Sales would be the perfect place to purchase cheap and affordable posters. Students usually have a good taste for decorating their bed room’s walls; they use photographs, postcards, banners, and stickers, framed and unframed pictures of different types like film posters, sports, goods and or even the pictures of their selves or friends.


Usually students have to arrange their own beds and even some times they have an option to make their sofa’ their bed. So take some serious measurements and decorate your sofa with some pillows and throws. Shops offering sales would be a great place for consultation. There you would find good promotional packages in cheap and affordable rates.

Catch up Some Extra Space:

While in the student accommodation, student usually requires some extra space that is given to them to carry their books, laptops, shoes, CD, DVDs and gifts etc. So visiting any of the charity shops may result in your favor. You may find their small cabins or Elmira to take up the burden of your goods.


Decorating your room with some extra light would definitely prompt your room and provides an awesome and delightful atmosphere to you. So do spend some budget for extra lights as well as a lamp that would help you to retain your studies in late nights without interrupting someone else while sleeping. You would get it as cheap as within £10 from any store or in a sale.

Bringing some Pots:

The good thing is to not ask someone to give you a favor by giving you any tea pot or other kitchen goods. Have your our kitchen pots would be morally a good approach because your are dependent them all the time. Usual study hour, late nights study or even before leaving your room you require tea or coffee to ease yourself. So be prepare for the war with having all the weapons in your arsenal.

Notice board:

Having a notice board in your room would worth a lot as much as nothing can bring you such benefits. You can use the notice board as much as you like to. You may place your semester finals date sheets, you may write down the important dates coming in between your semester, your lecture details and time table, contact details, your reminders and much more. Buy it anywhere that suites you cheap.

Although above mentioned measurements are not enough to decorate the whole place but they are helpful to change your mood as thus provides you favorable environment which would let you thinking of some good ideas to change your room yourself.
Sydney Charles (A Votre, DE)//EJ Missy, Otherkind & Obadius
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Music : House / Techno

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Sidney Charles:
Hamburg DJ and producer Sidney Charles’ journey towards the world of house and techno began when he first started mixing hip-hop, soul and funk at the age of 15. Taking his cues from the golden age of turntablism and associated culture in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, his attentions digressed to other sounds of the era also enjoying their heyday. His infatuation with classic 4/4 club sounds is something that lives and breathes vividly in his music today.

“I see myself mainly connected with the raw house sound” he paints of the style he projects with his productions and DJ sets today. “I am highly influenced by the early ‘90s. Jacking beats; heavy kicks; dirty highs. But I also like to experiment a lot to not make people bored of a certain sound.” Whatever shade of house or techno he’s producing, it’s always packed full of hard grooves, raw sounds and a classy simplicity that lets the track do what it’s supposed to do: make your bum wiggle.

Sidney Charles will be ren’s main DJ du jour, supported by Alam in a back to back session with Axel Groove, as well as Friz, back to back with Kutty.

Obadius (MY)

Obadius is synonym with melodicity. Hailing from Tehran, Iran and currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Obadius has been steadily building a name for himself in the local scene. His music journey started at the age of 17 testing his direction, forming his taste and music principles.

Since it all started back in 2008, a year that marked his move to Kuala Lumpur; a city which he now calls home. Obadius has performed at venues such as Zouk, Calavera, Le Noir, Elysium, COMO, Pisco, etc, delivering his deep, hypnotic groove and taking a path of versatility and consistency in his style.

As his popularity undeniably increased, Obadius has become one of the most in demand DJs in Malaysia, sharing the decks with artists such as Alle Farben, James Trystan, AudioHell, James What, Sean Doyle, Hayze, Kaiser Souzai, Sonny Wharton, ME & her, AmineK, youANDme, Third Son, SevenDoors, Kate Simko, Chus & Cebalos and Sebastien Leger just to name a few.

The influences in his music are from artists who are remarkable through the complexity and depth of their sound, crafty producers of progressive and melodic pieces, not necessarily known for their name but for the incredible skills they have behind the decks or in the studio.

With progressive deep and melodic techno close to his heart, the young DJ has a promising allure to his music. Whether it's a short set or a few hours of fun behind the decks, his 8 years and counting since he started his DJ career have carved a path exciting to follow. His tunes picks are alluring, sensible, gracefully delivered and we can almost never recognise them. There is an air of unique flavor to his sets and very rarely do you hear the same record in another DJ's bag.

Hailing from Tehran, Otherkind is an exciting DJ with 13 years of underground experience under his belt. Having mastered the art of playing the Tumbak, a percution instument specifc to Iran, allows him to incorporate a specifc style to his DJ sets, playful and solid and at the same time smooth and melodic. Breezing through music
genres Otherkind's focus is on deep house and techno and his journey is uplifting , sensible and epic.

Tehran of 2003 , where OtherKind started his DJ career, was an eclectic city allowing experimentation and expansion. His style has
been shaped throuought the years due to the very imprint of the crowds' music taste in Iran. Exquisite and diverse could describe
Otherkind's style, and the classic hint added to his music is inspiring.

Having graced the decks in some of Turkey's and Dubai's underground clubs in 2008 marked another step in OtherKind's evolution and a subtle shift in his take on music. Meanwhile in
Europe and USA, artists such as Cirez D, Stephan Bodzin, Maceo Plex, Kolsch, Andromedha, Guy J were releasing some musical gems which further inspired OtherKind to fine tune, reshape and reinvent himself , adding style and grace to his sets.

2010 marked Otherkind's move to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).He has hosted residencies in Vertigo Club , iClub, and playing in Malaysia's most renouned club Aristo by Zouk and further
becoming a resident DJ of Casbah and Sultan Lounge at Mandarin Oriental. Marinis On 57, Nagaba, Elysium have seen OtherKind behind the decks on numerous occasions. His monthly residency at UB Radio Bangkok (Thailand ) is ongoing and it is granting the listeners a fabulous music journey through his exhilerating sets.

2016 has seen Otherkind experimenting his skills and adding an oomph to his performances by using Native Instruments. The interesting and smooth addition of Native Instruments turn OtherKind's sets into a mesmerising trip. From huge festival crowds to club gigs, he manages to transform his audience and to transpond them into a different dimension. Almost spatial, his sounds are ever evolving and this year his ongoing music projects, once competed will surely grant us yet another display of his ever
growing talent and proof that his music does connect people.