How to Get 5 Times More Traffic From Facebook ? Get Traffic 3.0

How would you feel if 90% of your business is built around Google Traffic, and you wake up one day to find out that Google has banned your account – meaning you cannot get the traffic you need to make money. That could mean doom to your projected cash-flow.

Would you fire your staff? Would you shut down your business until you find an alternative source of traffic?

That was what happened to Jonathan Budd and many of the industry’s seven figure income earners. He refused to give up or quit. However, he became fiercely determined to find an alternative in order to keep his business, increase his cash-flow and keep his 20 full time staff.

Jonathan Budd’s journey to finding an alternative Google-like traffic to sustain his business led him to some exciting discoveries that you’ll be happy to hear of. All these are in his 4 new Free Get Traffic 3.0 training videos.


A New Bigger, Better Traffic King is Emerging

Through research and trying out other traffic sources, he made a shocking discovery that is blowing the minds of everyone in the industry and causing literally every top earner to now dump Google for the new traffic King.

Facebook is emerging the new king of traffic! It’s not yet clear how the traffic revolution would happen but what is certain is a shift is happening. Watch the videos and you’ll see what I am saying. That is not what the excitement is about though. There are so many revelations made by Jonathan Budd’s.

Jonathan Budd has also created 4 video presentations where he reveals these mind-blowing findings, predictions and solutions to Google Slapping. In the video he also teaches little known strategies he repeatedly uses to get endless amount of high quality leads at over 4000% discount.


The Trends: The Now and Future of Traffic (What the Dog Saw…)

Let me share with you some of the things Jonathan Budd found out and revealed in the Get Traffic 3.0 free training videos:

Facebook is the number 2 most traffic website in the world
Facebook hit 500 million users, even though some countries are not yet on it) and projects to reach 1 billion users soon
Studies show that Facebook is currently feeding top search engines and blogs with traffic.  Most people who visit Google and other top search engines leave and go to Facebook
Your leads are on Facebook, stop looking for them elsewhere! Most people who visit Network Marketing Sites such as Amway, Monavie and Better Networker leave these sites and go to Facebook
Facebook traffic is more responsive with very high conversions
Facebook traffic is perfect for home business because networking is built into it already
Facebook traffic has diverse user data that no other search engine has, and this is good for finding targeted traffic


Getting Double Leads for the Price of One: Traffic 3.0

In the videos, Jonathan Budd shares his unbelievable ttraffic and conversion results.  Some of the success of his Facebook campaigns and Fan page members include:

128 to 400 leads daily from Facebook at 400% less cost
Over 600% conversions in signups
Over 400% increase in Facebook fans
Over $ 10,000 made from tweeting (free) offers to Facebook fans


What You Need to Get Ahead of Your Competition Now is Facebook

In one of his emails, Jonathan Budd he mentioned that Facebook is going to witness a migration of over 30,000,000 online marketers as soon as his study report and video gets out to the public.

That got me, as I know that the people who get ahead of the 30 million will literally have no competition in the Facebook Arena.

I definitely want to know “what’s working”, especially if it’s a hot new strategy because it provides me a huge advantage over my competitors, to cash out.

I don’t know about you, but I am in and I am learning from Jonathan how to master the art of getting dirt-cheap traffic on Facebook.


After watching Jonathan Budd’s research findings and teachings of the ins and outs of how to get dirty-cheap traffic from Facebook, I didn’t need anyone to tell me that making a shift to Facebook would do my business a lot of good.

Let me share with you why I am so sold on this Facebook ride:

The leads/ traffic are more targeted
The Clicks are way cheaper than the Big G and other major search engines
The competition is zero
The conversions are crazy
The profits are flowing like a river

I hope this article has helped you learn how to silently profit from the trends to dominate your market.

Give your website some Facebook-traffic-love. Click here to get Jonathan Budd’s Get Traffic 3.0 training videos free now, while it’s still available.

I’ll see you on the Facebook side.



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If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook

It’s fine to just leave.

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