How to Get a 40 Inch Vertical Leap? The Best Jump Higher Workout

Want to know how to get a 40 inch vertical leap? It’s actually very simple….do less for your jump higher workout.

Work smarter…not harder

What do I mean by this? Many athletes falsely believe that the “longer” they exercise for the more they will gain.

Hours spent at the gym is meaningless…it’s what you accomplish that’s important. You will actually become a better athlete by spending less time at the gym.

Quality beats quantity…

Performing a short and vigorous jump higher workout is the only way to improve your short term explosive power (fast twitch muscles).

Long and high rep workouts just improve your endurance-they do nothing for increasing the speed of your muscle contractions.

Endurance and explosiveness have NOTHING to do with each other

Therefore training for endurance is not how to get a 40 inch vertical leap…it’s possible it could even lower it. if you want to know how to become a better athlete than brief workouts are key but…

Short workouts ONLY WORK when they are intense

Fortunately it’s much easier to go all out when you don’t have to do as many reps. Most athletes pace themselves because they are anticipating the huge number of reps they have to do.

Should I do weight lifting?

If you want to maximize your leaping ability then yes. Many people falsely claim that becoming stronger is not how to improve your hops and that it might actually hurt them. But this is only true if your body weight increases in proportion to your strength…thus negating the benefits.

How should you do weight lifting?

With as much weight as you can possibly do 6-8 reps with. Doing many reps with light weights doesn’t improve your muscular force and therefore is not how to get better hops.

I would definitely advocate you do strength training jump higher workouts but only when you follow this advice. This is how to get a 40 inch vertical leap as fast as possible.