How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets to Kentucky

You can find airline tickets to Kentucky on local flight booking office as well as online flight booking services. Checking on both options is always wise.


Kentucky is also called the Bluegrass State. It is the home of some of the most visited sites on the state which includes Churchill Downs, Louisville Ballet, Muhammad Ali Center, Actors Theatre of Louisville and Belle of Louisville. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is another well-known site. Another tourist destination you will find there is the Mammoth Cave National Park which brags being the world’s longest cave system.


There are more than a few Kentucky public airports you should know of; two of them cater to international flights. Say, you want to visit some of the best tourist spots in the state, you can try landing on Louisville. Louisville International Airport caters to almost 4 million passengers every single year. Assuming you will be coming from Los Angeles International Airport, there will be many options available for you.


When booking for your airline tickets to Kentucky, you can try checking reputable sources of travel info online. There are plenty of great deals you will find for a cheap airfare, economy class tickets can range from 79 $ up to 130 $ plus taxes. Some sites also give discounts if you are to book immediately. On weekends, the price go up a little ranging from 105 $ to 235 $ , still on an economy class. Mondays can have 99 $ flights, but on regular non-peak days, airline tickets are around the lowest price and have three to four flights of the same price.


Direct flight tickets are more expensive, usually the cheapest is around 230 $ going up to 850 $ , plus taxes for first class. The travel time can last from 6 hours up to 9 hours depending on your itinerary.


If you are travelling with 1 kid 0 to 2 years old on your lap, the usual range is from 89 $ to 110 $ , economy class with 1 stopover. If travelling on business class with 1 kid on lap, the usual range starts from 399 $ plus taxes, for first class, the lowest price is 384 $ up to 850 $ , one stop over only. If the child is in a seat, the airfare starts from 79 $ up to 300+ $ excluding the taxes. There are also some regulations when travelling with children, so make sure you verify this before booking your flight. When travelling with a senior, the rates are just the same when an adult will be travelling.


If you are looking to reach Kentucky via Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International, there are also available flights of cheaper prices, some flights are just around 69 $ plus taxes. Although, most of the rates are the same as when flying through Louisville. The travel time is quite the same too. There are even flights that will stopover to that airport before going to Louisville.


Best deals on airline tickets to Kentucky are always around; it is just a matter of finding them. There are around 3 to 5 airlines that support Kentucky flights to the two international airports, so finding tickets could be less hassle. Determination, coupled with a keen eye on details can produce the most economical flight fares.