How to Get Knockout Punching Power ? 3 Steps

There is no doubt that the exponential growth of mixed martial arts is affecting the present talent pool. More than ever you need to master several areas of the game to out do your opponent. Here we provide you with three top tips to build powerful knockout power and keep you a few steps ahead of your competition.

Utilize Body Weight.

The rookie mistake of anyone throwing punches in a gym is using only their arm strength to execute any punch. A knockout artist uses their body weight to smash their opponent anywhere they want and flatten them on the mat.

Every punch, whether a jab, cross or uppercut, starts from your legs. The force generated will be far more powerful than using your arm strength, cause you less fatigue, and a better chance of putting your opponent out.

Practice Speed.

Speed must be utilized to have any type of knockout power. If your opponent can react in time to establish a defence, then that is just another blow wasted on your part.

Speed isn’t only for the speed bag. Every punch on the heavy bag should be as fast as possible while maintaining technique. Practice explosive punches to keep your opponent without suspicion to your next move.

Be Confident.

You must believe that you can knockout any opponent you plan to box with, or don’t even plan to at all. To deliver that knockout punch, you need to believe in your ability to do so.

When you believe you can, you will more likely deliver that KO punch because you are far more likely to find openings. If you’re not right now, just be confident, and never waste any time doubting yourself.

These tips will surely increase your knockout punching power. These tips are truly only the beginning. A complete MMA training program will help you increase your KO ability and confidence.


– Utilize Body Weight!
– Speed!
– Be Confident!