How to Get More Free Farmville Cash Quickly – Planting the Best Crops For More FV Cash

Everyone that plays FarmVille wants to know How to Get More Free FarmVille Cash Quickly. FarmVille has become an online phenomenon very quickly and is being played by millions of users every day. Users like the fact that they can escape their everyday problems and routine and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the FarmVille life. You will learn that although enjoyable, FarmVille can be a challenge and far from your ordinary video game. You will need money for almost about everything you do, Money is needed to buy supplies, seeds to sow and to purchase the land that you intend to farm. The costs involved in operating your farm in FarmVille can be easily managed because with a good harvest you will earn more than it costs to plant the crops. There are other items in FarmVille that can be purchased at the market to equip and build your farm, however some require a good amount of cash.

When you make purchases and grow the best crops in FarmVille you will receive experience points that are needed to advance to a higher level. So earning enough money is critical to level up in FarmVille The fact that money is so important in FarmVille, maximizing your earning potential on the farm is a primary goal that should be implemented. A good strategy to use is to find a high per hour payout crop and plan your farm accordingly. If you have a crop like strawberries that take about four hours to grow and sell for 35 coins/plot or Pumpkins that take 8 hours to grow and sell for 68 coins per plot you will see that strawberries will be the best choice.

The strawberries will earn you 8.75 coins in an hour and pumpkins only 8.5. These are the things that may seem minor but can earn you the extra needed coins to level up. The one point to remember is that if the crops are not attended and harvested and replanted in a timely manner, the profit will not be maximized. So plan to harvest as soon as the crops are ready and than replant. In determining what to plant try to plan the next time that you will be at the farm to work. If it will be an extended time than a crop that takes longer to harvest can be a better choice if the payouts are higher. An important point to remember is that you need to harvest as close to the maturing time as possible as the time lapses the hour rate of return will go down the longer you wait to harvest. The only way to make money fast with crops is to plant fast growers and tend to them often so that you


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