How to Get the Best Floor Install

You cannot usually get the best floor install by letting your project run on autopilot. You need to monitor every step to make sure the installation is going well from start to finish. Here are a few tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

1. Check over your flooring order before it goes into the factory or warehouse.

The first step in getting the best floor install is having the right materials. Make sure your order is placed correctly in the first place. It is important to double check your measurements and calculations to make sure you are getting enough flooring. You will also want to check the product code against the sample to make sure you have the flooring product you have planned to use.

2. Get an installer who knows how to do the job.
If you want the most professional results, opt for an expert installer. Ask for references and request the opportunity to look at another floor install the individual or team has done in the past if possible. Sometimes, instead of showing their actual work, installers will have a portfolio with photos of completed projects. Also, ask how many years of experience they have.

3. Inspect the materials when they arrive.

You cannot get a good floor install if the materials are full of defects and flaws. When the materials are delivered, check over them and make sure they have arrived in good condition. If there are any broken, scratched or otherwise damaged tiles, sheets or planks, send them back for replacement before the work begins.

4. Check the prep work.

Ask your installer to show you the room where you are having the floor install done when the prep work is done and before the new flooring is put down. Look over the work and make sure the floor is properly prepared for the new floor. Old flooring should be removed unless it is agreed that the new flooring can be added on top of it. The main thing to remember is that there should be no secrets beneath the new flooring.

5. Inspect the final work.

Look at the final floor install work and make sure it meets your expectations. Your floor installer will want to know any issues you have before he leaves if he is a reputable professional. Do not be afraid to bring up problems and concerns if you have any. If your floor install goes well, you will want to use the professional installer again and recommend him to your friends.