How to Get the Perfect Abs and Toned, Sexy Body – Idiot Proof Blueprint

So much of the information online and offline is just rubbish. Some people will mess you around with long drawn out sales letters just to sell you some supplement or machine, they may even have an enticing video, but all of that is just marketing overkill. All you really need to do to get perfect abs and a toned sexy body is follow a plan formulated by an expert in that field.

It is truly amazing if you take a look around you when you are next out and about, how many people are overweight.

100 years ago there was next to zero overweight people, but it seems almost exactly inline with the mass produced foods production scale, that obesity trends closely with.

In this article I will give you a few great tips that will help you towards your domination of your body. You will take ownership and responsibility for your short comings in the past and you will put in motion a new set of patterns, that will become habits, and a way of life.

Losing fat is not a part time commitment – if you want to keep it off, you must adopt some lifestyle changes.

This is not to say that you can’t have the odd binge out on fast food here and there, or you can’t hit the pub sometimes, it just has to be moderated.

You have a problem with your bodyweight because you have not been using things in moderation!

One of the best ways to help you towards your perfect body is to idiot proof your pantry/food cupboard.

Give all your crap, unhealthy food away to people starving – it is better to eat crap than nothing if you are starving.
Go to the supermarket and but mostly things that have one ingredient and that will rot if you don’t eat them.
This little algorithm for choosing foods is great, and it works most of the time for choosing great healthy foods.


Purchase a decent program that teaches you about fat loss.
You may say any one of these bad boys,

I don’t have the money
I don’t want to buy off the internet – I will get my account emptied by Internet Pirates
I can get the information for free – It’s not worth paying
I already know how to lose fat and get abs – I am just lazy
Losing fat is hard and I can’t be stuffed

Whatever your excuse – it’s just that.

A dirty old way out of doing something that you actually want – you are just trying to persuade yourself that you have good enough reason to not do anything about it.

Well, good luck to you.

Nobody ever got anywhere by making excuses, no Olympic athlete, no millionaire, no author, no actor, no genuine good guy ever got anywhere by making excuses.

Excuses are for lame people – don’t be lame.

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