How to Get Thinner Thighs – Eat Your Way to Thinner Thighs

Getting thinner thighs for summer or that special event does not have to be a complicated or exhausting process. If you want to know how to get thinner thighs it all comes back to the basics – diet and exercise. However, to target that stubborn fat that builds up in the thigh region you will need to add some additional tricks to your fitness regime.

As you may know there are certain foods that burn fat faster than others. Try the following to turn your body into a fat burning machine and get thinner thighs:


The hormone contained in salmon is called leptin and it has been known to promote fat loss and assist in appetite control. Salmon is also high in Omega 3 which normalizes blood sugar levels and curbs cravings.

Whole grains

Full of fiber which takes a greater amount of energy to break down; this is an essential in your fat burning diet. The best options when choosing wholegrain foods are cereal, oats, beans, lentils and asparagus.

Lean Protein

Go for healthier options like turkey breast, sirloin steak and fortified cereals. Boost your thigh slimming efforts with the iron contained in lean protein that’s essential for forming hemoglobin and carrying oxygen in your red blood cells. The benefits of oxygen in your blood cells are the energy and metabolism boost that will ultimately assist in greater energy and fuel to fight fat.


Another super food full of fiber this magic vegetable actually provides double the amount of fiber contained in other greens. Add this to your salad or steam and serve with your favorite lean protein

Citrus fruit like lemon

This type of fruit is full of vitamin C and aids in digestion and liver cleansing. Citrus fruits like lemons aid in digestion of rich, fatty foods and help to eliminate waste formed in the liver.


This vegetable serves as a diuretic and can flush out fat deposits. It contains chlorine which stimulates the lymph and cleanses out excess body fat. Mix up some beets on your salad or add a little salt and vinegar as a snack on its own.

Green tea

Other than the caffeine content which can be used as a stimulant, the fat fighting benefits of green tea are found in its high anti oxidant properties which regulate blood sugar levels and improve the digestive process.

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