How to Get Your Boyfriend Back Even If He is Mad As a Pit Bull

Your boyfriend went stomping away from you mad as a pit bull and now you are wondering how to get your boyfriend back.  Maybe you should give him a good dose of male psychology.

How many times has he pulled this stunt on you? If he has done it before, how long are you going to continue being his doormat. Chances are he enjoys this sort of thing. It gives him a feeling of power. He knows that you are going to come running and begging him to come back and this just gives him a feeling of more power.

If this is what is happening to you, then you want to reverse things, bring him to his knees and keep him there. Unless you make him realize that you can get along just fine without him, your life with him is doomed to be miserable and he will never make a commitment. He needs to be taught a very hard lesson by using some good old male psychology.

To begin teaching him this lesson, you must stay away from him. No emails, text messages or phone calls. Completely disappear from his life. In fact don’t be seen anywhere for about a month. During this time you are going to do some remaking of yourself. Lose a few pounds if necessary, get a new hairdo and new clothes. Remember for this time you don’t want your ex boyfriend to see or hear a word from or about you. This means that you need to alert your friends not to tell him anything about you.

When the month is up you are going to hit the scene like a whirlwind. You are going to be everywhere. At singles bars, movies, concerts. You name it, if it’s a happening you will be there.

Not only will you be there, but you will be there with different guys. You may need some help from your girlfriends to arrange the dates, but you want to be seen with guys.

Of course the news of this will get back to him and he will try to contact you. Don’t accept his calls or answer emails or text messages. After a couple weeks of this, you call him and thank him for the breakup. This will drive him crazy and he will be after you like a bee after honey.

Don’t be easy on him. Make him beg and apologize. In the end make him commit. This is how to get your boyfriend back and turn the pit bull into a lamb.