How to Go From Good to Great – Improving Yourself and Becoming a Great Leader in One Step

In leadership there are good leaders and there are great leaders. Look at the great leaders in the world on both the business and government stages. The great leaders possess one key element. To me it is the key to move from good to great. It is what makes every great leader great. It is what will catapult your career or business.


That’s it. You need passion! You need to be passionate about what you do to move from good to great. If you’re not passionate about your job or business, get a new one, because you will not reach the levels of success that you are hoping for.

If you look at all of the great leaders in the world, passion is the one common factor that they all possess. They are passionate about their job, business, company, dream,… You get the point. Passion is what drives it. Passion is what recharges your batteries, fills your tank, gives you that “nothing will stop me” drive to keep going. Passion for having a computer in every household in the world is what keeps Bill Gates on working to achieve that dream. Martin Luther King Jr. infected millions of people for generations because of his passion for freedom.

All great speakers are passionate about their subject. That passion sweeps like a wave over the audience and makes that speech or presentation great. Passion is infectious! If you are around a passionate person you can’t help but be swept up in it. You become passionate also! It’s a great thing! People just have a natural attraction to passion. It is alot more interesting to talk to someone that is passionate about a subject that if they are bored or not interested in it at all.

Right now, I’m almost jumping out of my seat with excitement to write about this topic. I’m passionate to share my skills and knowledge with others to help them achieve their success. I love it! It’s not the only thing that I’m passionate about, just get me talking about my kids, guitars or motorbikes! We all have passion for something. There is no way to motivate someone, but if you want to ignite their fire, find out what they are passionate about. Help stoke that fire and see what they can do (this is also a big part of mentorship!).

Passion is so important for your success that you may have overlooked it. Most people are passionate but have been repressed by their boss or a friend and they don’t exhibit it anymore. It is so important to be passionate that some of the most powerful people in the world stated that passion is what separates the A list people from the B list people (and the A list people usually make 2 or 3 times more money!). World leaders in government and business look for passionate people to work with. Passion makes the job more enjoyable and it helps to get things done and moving.

So how can you become passionate? Enthusiasm! Be enthusiastic, excited, and energetic about your topic, job or business. You’ll build passion within yourself and others. Enthusiam + Passion = Growth and passion in others. To also help this enthusiasm and to get your message across, share that personal connection that you possess that makes you passionate about your job or business. Why do you do the things you do? Where does your passion come from? That will connect with your audience and infect them with your passion.

Be passionate! The most successful are. Do what they do and you’ll achieve great success as well!