How To Go To Xmas Parties & Still Lose Weight

As we head into December, it’s the start of the silly season.  Every weekend there will be some social event or another.  Work Christmas do’s, children’s Xmas parties, family get-togethers, annual get-togethers with friends.  The list is endless.

Everywhere you turn there are temptations.  Unhealthy snacks, mountains of food and copious amounts of alcohol.  They’re literally jumping out at you!

So what do you about Xmas parties and other social events given you still want to lose weight?

Do you become a hermit and refuse to go out!?

Do you give up worrying about your weight and just go crazy!?

Do you go along but feel miserable by depriving yourself of everything?

My guess is that right now, these feel like your only options.  They are very typical of the black and white thinking we are all prone to when faced with a dilemma.

We go into all or nothing mode.  Our only options are all or nothing eg. become a hermit and not attend any Xmas parties or go to every social event available and go crazy.

They are opposite ends of the same spectrum and funnily enough none of them appeals!

The fact is that between black and white there are lots of different shades of grey.  When it comes to handling social events, you have loads of far more appealing options than these.

So to wet your whistle, here are just a few ideas:-

• You could choose to go along to the Xmas party that you’re really bothered about and skip the rest.

• You could choose to go crazy at one of the events – the one where everyone else will be going crazy and you can really let your hair down!

• You could go along to some or all of the parties and choose not to drink – alcohol can really pile on the pounds.  Driving gives you the perfect excuse.

• You could choose to go along to some of the social events having eaten beforehand (especially if it’s a buffet – as no-one will notice how little you are eating).

• You could choose not to worry too much at the events themselves, but offset the calories in the following days.  For example, you could increase your daily exercise that week, do at least one extra session or class at the gym or go for a swim every morning.

The prospect of lots of social events needn’t send you into a panic when you’re trying to lose weight.  Moreover, you needn’t jump to typical black and white thinking mode.

Plan ahead, choose how you want to play each event and get the balance right.

You can still enjoy yourself in the run-up to Christmas and attend whichever parties you choose.  Whilst you might not lose weight, you can definitely maintain it, which will be a pretty good result at this time of year!