How To Improve Grower Uniformity – Aquaculture Industry

Chicken growth to 7 to 18 or 20 weeks of this phase is called incubation period, uniformity is the incubation period on the key indicators. The uniformity of chickens, including: weight uniformity, and tibia length uniformity and uniformity of maturity. The production of more concern to the weight uniformity, it is the group weight up and down in standard body weight within 10% of the percentage of chickens. Uniformity represents the growth and development throughout the chicken, clean and high growth is illustrated in the same chicken, chicken products neatly opened, laying rate, and peak egg production to maintain long time. Therefore, to improve uniformity of grower is raising an important indicator of effectiveness. To improve the uniformity of grower must pay attention to the following points:

Periodic weighing. Heavy weight is about the only effective way to group, and through regular weighing can clearly understand the growth of the chicken groups Bangladesh. Weighing must comply with both requirements:

A periodic weighing Chickens weighing is to understand the only effective way of weight, but through regular weighing can clearly understand the growth of body weight in chickens. Weighing must comply with two requirements:

1, regularly weighing: weighing once a week.

2, random sampling: general extraction chicken weighing 5% of individuals (according to group size to develop extraction ratio). Sampling tests and the results compared with the varieties of standard weight, and then adjust the feed Feeding Amount and the development of refueling time, so that chickens always appropriate weight range.

Second, adjust the stocking density Raising chickens is to determine the uniformity of density of a very important aspect. Breeding density is chicken confusion, competition, polluted air sheds, environmental degradation, especially eating, drinking water, inadequate location of weight loss will make some chicken, but also cause anal pecking, pecking birds. Density is too small, resulting in feeding costs. General cage layer is only 15-16 per square meter, when fed on-line 10-12 per square meter only.

Third, to ensure the right amount of feed intake in chickens

Incubation period of feeding, the feeding should be uniform, each feeds the material to be absorbed after the material 4-5 times to ensure uniformity of feed per bird. Improve the uniformity of chicken is an effective method is to feed restriction. Pay attention to limiting the provision of adequate feeding trough, and chickens for large, medium and small three groups, according to the standard weight adjusted volume of feed. Limit feeding limit feeding time to strictly enforce the program, according to the standard feeding, feeding frequency should be few and not appropriate to 2 times a day is appropriate, to prevent the strong chicken eat more chicken eat the weak.

4, reasonable and timely adjustment of chickens

Both chicken technology and management level how high, flocks of chicken always some weak, if not in time to single out, individual treatment, is bound to affect the growth and production performance of chickens to play, so that damage to the overall effectiveness So to do:

1, individual adjustment of the chickens, pick out a weak constitution concentrated chicken rearing, to postpone refueling time, to meet the standard weight as soon as possible.

2, death, out of the chicken should be added in time absence, so that the number of chickens per cage consistent.

3, irregular or missed off for Duanhui chickens, should be repaired promptly broken up.

4, good immunization to reduce the incidence of the disease. BOLA TANGKAS