How to Keep a Conversation Going – Be Smooth With the Ladies and Learn What to Say During a Date

We have all experienced the awful and awkward silence when trying to converse with someone you like. Groping for the right words to say is a skill, and the art of conversation needs some constant practice. Starting a conversation is good but maintaining it can be quite a challenge. Below are some tips on how to keep a conversation going. Score a great date and even a better second date soon.

o Be genuinely interested. Are you really listening to your date talk or are you actually too self-absorbed to even notice that she is starting to inch for the door to flee? Sure, you have a lot to say but chances are, so does your date. Don’t kill the mood and be sensitive enough to sense if you’re date is still enjoying herself or maybe you need to shut up for even just a minute. Also, don’t be a statue while your date yammers on about her life. It takes two to tango so be equally involved. Time to unleash your balancing act. Don’t hoard the entire conversation but don’t stay still like a road kill. Make it a two-way activity!

o Avoid open-ended questions. Nothing is more boring than questions answered by a plain yes and no. And worse, it sounds like a police investigation! So be a little creative while being curious. Use prompts starting in how or why. But don’t make it seem like a job interview. Just be real. It keeps the conversation interesting plus, it suggests more topics and subjects that’ll leave you both glued and hooked for hours.

o Learn how to listen. A good conversationalist is basically, one good listener. You can never be good in talking if you’re not going to listen first. Let your date talk about herself too. We all love to talk about ourselves so take note of your date’s interests, hobbies and passions, and chances are, she’ll be interested about yours just the same. Don’t be too jumpy as well, savor and enjoy the conversation like a cup of steaming coffee. You will feel relaxed and cozy to the very last drop.

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