How to Know If Your Partner is Going to Cheat on You – Know This Before It’s Just Too Late

If your partner has a roving eye and has his/her fill of you then he/she is sure to start looking out for greener pastures. However, even before he/she makes the immoral move of cheating on you, he/she will exhibit signs of potential cheating.

You should use these 4 tips to decode if your partner is going to cheat on you so that you can take appropriate steps to stop your partner from committing any illicit acts of passion with another person.

The 1st tip that your partner would exhibit would be total lack of interest in the current relationship. His/her attitude to anything you say or do would change from excitement to ‘whatever’.

This could be a sure indication that he/she is bored with the relationship and now wants someone else to ignite the passion again.

The 2nd tip would be to avoid going out for romantic dinners or rushing out to a surprise visit to a romantic resort. Instead, your partner might prefer to hang out with his/her buddies.

The 3rd tip would be if your partner starts flirting lightly with other people in your absence or even in your presence while quoting that he/she is just having some harmless fun.

In essence, he/she is simply checking out other people and could hitch up with the first person that shows extra interest in him/her.

The 4th tip that your partner might throw at you would be if he/she suddenly starts to guard his/her mobile phone like a ferocious guard dog.

Your partner might have stored the names and numbers of potential illicit partners in the phone and might also have initiated contact with them in a bid to explore matters further. This would compel him/her to guard the mobile phone with his/her life.

These 4 tips should alert you that your partner is veering towards the path of infidelity and you can now take preventive measures to stop him/her from landing up in the wrong pasture.