How to Lose Belly Fat in a Month – 5 Secrets That Will Help You Shed the Belly Fat in 30 Days

Losing belly fat is one of the most challenging tasks a dieter has to face. Belly fat differs from the fat in the rest of the body. It is naturally meant to surround vital organs and protect them. That’s why our body is very “protective” of it’s visceral (abdominal) fat. Fighting belly fat means trying to defy nature and that’s always hard. However, it’s not impossible.

1. Do not starve yourself. Starvation slows down your metabolism. It causes feeling of deprivation and it leaves you tired and listless. Besides it puts the body in a “starvation mode” and any food that you consume  is immediately stored by the body in the form of fat. Another reason why you should’n starve yourself is called cortisol. Starvation is a stressful phenomenon for most people and it triggers the overproduction of cortisol in the body. This, in turn, leads to increased deposition of abdominal fat  in the midsection of the body. In other words the more you starve yourself, the more cortisol is produced and the more belly fat is deposited. Yes, the body has its weird laws.

2. Speed up your metabolism by eating 5 or 6 times a day. Now by 5-6 times a day I don’t mean 5-6 healthy portions of your favorite pasta . I mean small healthy snacks including veggies, fruits, fish, chicken.

3. Alcohol is a powerful enemy. Alcohol might help with your social life, but it’s certainly not helping with your belly. There is a reason why the beer belly is called this way. The biggest problem with liquor is that it contains ” empty” calories-calories that are not used by the body but are simply stored in the form of fat. Besides a lot of people find themselves eating even more after the consumption of alcohol. So if you want to achieve a flat stomach in a month, simply put down that beer bottle. And do not run to the store to replenish your secret stashes of booze.

4. Diet and exercise are inseparable.  Attempting to lose belly fat without proper exercise will result in a flabby stomach . The abdominal muscles have to be in good shape in order to achieve a flat abs figure. Doing exercise with no diet on the other hand will lead to bulking up which doesn’t help much if you want a flat stomach. Diet and exercise are equally important.

5. Dietary supplements are needed. When you have a limited time to lose weight, working out hard and sticking to a strict diet are not going to be enough. The thing is your body is on a “short term notice” that belly fat need to be lost. You have to jump start the metabolism and here’s where dietary supplements come into play. Besides diet supplements are the only way to counter the effect of cortisol. As we mentioned above overproduction of cortisol dooms all flat stomach attempts to failure.

If you are wondering “how to lose belly fat in a month?” simply stick to these 5 golden rules. With enough determination you can get the job done.

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