How to Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight without giving up eating too much, you might think of previous meals or food portions that were really satiating. According to some recent research on this matter, the answer for an easier way of removing overweight could well be to trick your mind. You might do that by thinking of how finishing the meal or the food will be before you take that meal or that food.


It is found that when people believe that food portions are larger than they actually are, they then felt more satisfied after eating those smaller portions. Even after several hours that satisfied feeling was still there.


It seems that when thinking of previously taken food may influence the time period of keeping a hungry feeling away. Especially when you think of an previous meal that caused an overeating feeling. Handling appetite and the feeling of being satisfactorily full may well be influenced by what you expect from the food, before and after taking eating it.


This can be illustrated by test results where people were shown a quantity of fruit to use for a smoothie. Half of people saw a small quantity of fruit and the other people saw a large quantity of fruit.


They were then asked what they thought about how satisfying smoothie will be and to rate it before and some hours after eating it. Now, people who saw a large quantity of fruit but ate the same smaller portion of fruit, indicated a greater fullness than the people who saw the small portion of fruit.


Another test showed that people can have the same full feeling while actually taking less food than they expected. This was done showing people a bowl of soup. While people ate the soup, the amount of soup was secretly decreased. Hours after consumption of the soup, fullness was rated at a level as if they ate the quantity of soup they had seen before eating it.


So, if we think of a quantity of food (from previously and very satisfying meals) or have expectation about the food to keep a hungry feeling away, but actually take a smaller quantity, might lead to eat less which is very positive effect for losing weight the easier way.