How to Maintain Sound Health Through Total Body Detox

Total body detox is the latest buzz word to hit the fitness circles. In these days of increasing urbanization, increasing work pressure and stress, where the staple diet has become junk food and rich restaurant food, it is easy to fill up your body with toxins. You must remember the proverb that what you eat is what you are. If your diet consists of only junk food and rich oily spicy food, naturally it will lead to a build up of toxins in your body.

There are various kinds of unsafe chemicals and additives found in sodas, candy bars, French fries and potato chips. The air that we intake is completely contaminated, toxic and full of pollutants. There are free radicals floating about in the atmosphere and automobile emissions, factory wastes and other such pollutants contaminating our surroundings.

All these take a toll on our health and well being. Unless we detoxify our body from time to time, the toxic overload in the body will continue to increase, your immune system will become weakened and you will become susceptible to various kinds of diseases and fall sick with alarming frequency.

But you can reduce the frequency of your falling sick by going in for a total body detox. While on a detox you have to eat farm fresh or organic fruits and veggies, fruit juices, herbs, legumes, pulses, fibrous food items of various kinds and different varieties of natural food items. Of course, you can remain on a total body detox diet for up to 14 days at a time and then repeat at several times during the year.

Total body detox isn’t as recent a phenomenon as you think. People in ancient times regularly used to go for detox to spring clean their bodies. In fact, in the days of our forefathers and grandparents, the name for it was spring cleansing. In winter months the body gets clogged up. Once the long hard winter is over, there is need for the body’s renewal to prepare it for the long summer months ahead when people have to work and put in hard labor.

That is why during the spring or in early summer months the body is made to go through a detox to cleanse and rid the body of those toxins. Once the body is made to go through a total body detox, you will feel completely cleansed, it will restore your energy and you will feel all charged up and ready to face new challenges.

Thanks to a total body detox, you can even reduce your weight; attain a slimmer and trimmer body, a glowing
smooth flawless skin and a healthy body that is free from toxins.