How To Make A Fan Page On Facebook In 10 Simple Steps

So thinking of making a fan page on Facebook in the simplest possible 10 stepsEven before we think of the simplest 10 ways to start a fan page on Facebook let us see the advantages that one can get with it as an useful promotion tool.

Facebook is one of the most rapid modes to enhance the prospects of your business online. Facebook has over 500 million users – These Facebook users make use of Facebook for at least 55 minutes everyday

Facebook is not only a magnetic way to attract as many customers to ones website – but also to hone a long term relationship with the customers.

One can in fact make use of the Facebook fan page instead of ones business website though it is recommended to use it in conjunction with a business website.

What’s more Facebook is even free to use

So now let us get going with the 10 steps that are needed to be followed to create a Facebook fan page-

1) Go to this page to create a facebook fan-page: Click Here

2) Below the “Official Page one can have the option of selecting anything like ‘Local Business’, ‘Brand, Product or Organization’ or ‘Artist, band or public figure’.

If you are creating a fan-page for your business, you will likely want to select either “local business” or “brand, product or organization”.

Once you select, you are then asked to further categorise your fan page by selecting an option in the drop down menu.You don’t have to fret about it as you may as well opt to pick up the most nearest one for your business

3) Choose a “Page Name” for your fan-page.

Here you can provide the name of your company or the key term used by people to search for information on the search engines.You cannot change it once you have selected it – so spend a little time considering the best name for your fan page.

4) You have to choose that you are the official person to deal with the business affairs on the fan page.

It is not permitted for you to choose a fan page for a company that you do not belong to.

As soon as you have completed these steps your initial Facebook fan page is all set.After this all your need to do is to make your Facebook fan page as customized as possible.

5)Now you can add a photo by either attaching one that you already have or take a photo from your webcam as well .

You need to upload an image that best fits your business brand.This may be your business logo, a picture of you, a picture of your staff / team etc…

Make sure that you upload a picture that is of good standard as you are representing a company and needs to show an image that reflects your business.

6) Provide some basic information to let your customers know more about you.

You need to provide all the necessary information about yourself, business and the goals of business in a clear manner.As people get driven more by what other people say it is necessary that you are more approachable and pleasant.

Put a website link if you have one.

7) Make a photo album by visiting the blue “Photos” tab .

Give that personalization to your Facebook fan page with these photos.As mentioned above, people buy from people – so some natural photo’s of you, you at work, your premises, your staff / team, your family etc… can make a real difference to the impact of your fan page.

8) By going to the “Discussions” tab that is in blue colour you can “Start a New Topic” of discussion.

You need to have the most current discussion about your business heer.It is onky through discussions that you can grab the attention of your fans in a positive manner.

You can start 3-4 topics of discussion as well to keep the fans from getting acquainted to your contents on the page.

9) Now you need to click on the “Edit Page” link that is present just under your photo.

Go to the “Settings” > Click “Edit”.

– Country Restrictions. Enter the country specifications over here.People from other countries will not be able to access your fan page.

– Age Restrictions. You can out age limitations that is either 18 or 21.Choose an apt one.

– Published. You can choose to not launch your fan page it is all set up properly.

Under Wall > click “edit”.

It is advised that you do not make any changes to the setting and make it to view “all posts”.

10) Launch.

Update the status on your wall.This will be your first post on your new fan page wall, so make it a good one.Start as you mean to go on.

Click “suggest to friends” – which is located under the profile image on your new fan page.Here you can opt to send a message to all your friends or some of them. BOLA TANGKAS