How to make lots of money online with Bukisa

Bukisa is a content sharing websites that allows us to share our articles, videos, photos, Slides and get paid for it depending upon the kind of views your content generates. So we can make good amount of money with Bukisa by bringing more traffic to our content pages and by inviting our friends to join Bukisa. You can even judge what Bukisa is all about by seeing their slogan only which says “Share your Knowledge, Earn Money”. Bukisa has wide range of categories like Arts & Entertainment, Business & Finance, Education, Family, Fashion, Foods, Health, Home, Gardens, Sports, Technology and Travel etc where you can submit your content.

Step by Step process to make money online with Bukisa

Create account: Go to Bukisa website and create an account there by filling the sign up form available on their website. You should fill as much information as you can fill about you which will be reflected on your profile page and will attract more visitors to your content.
Add content: you should aim at adding more and more content pieces on Bukisa websites on daily basis to increase more traffic to your articles on website. The more traffic you have on your content, the more money you will be able to make with Bukisa website. You can submit your content on this network in the form of articles or recipes, audios, videos, Photos and Slides. Their maximum limit of daily submission for a user is 25 content pieces. They pay according to Bukisa index of $ 4 i.e. you will be getting $ 4 for every 1000 unique views that your content pieces in all generates. Suppose you write 10 articles on Bukisa website and each of your articles receives 1000 unique views in a month. So total number of unique views that your articles generate during a month were 10 × 1,000 = 10,000. So you are able to make 4 × 10 = $ 40 in that month for generating 10,000 unique views on your articles.
Referral System: Invite your friends to join Bukisa website as it will help you earn more money with this content sharing network. You will be getting 25 % of their direct income. Suppose 10 of your friends join Bukisa and each of them are able to earn $ 100 every month. So you will be getting 25 × 10 = $ 250 every month for free just for sending quality members to their network.
Payment system: they send all payments via paypal and their minimum payout is $ 10. They send payments to all eligible members on the 5th of following month for previous month earnings. You can even place your payments on hold if you want to set a higher threshold of payment with Bukisa. And in case your earnings during a particular month were less than their minimum payout of $ 10, your earnings during that month will be rollover in your next month earnings.