How to Make Money Selling Your Children’s Old Toys on eBay

The concept of spring-cleaning does go over my head a little. I have to admit to being rather an untidy person by nature, and clutter seems to be the in-word in my house, but then again it always has been for as long as I can remember!

They say you cannot change the habits of a lifetime, but sometimes your habits can reach breaking point. This is true in my case so once in a while you will find me having a major spring clean – not necessarily during spring I might add, but at the times of the year when I just cannot manage to shove any more stuff into my already groaning cupboards. Usually this occurs at Christmas, and just after my sons birthday.

Have you noticed just how many toys your kids acquire over the course of a year? I bet it is a lot right?

Can you remember the last time your child played with some of them?

Sometimes we buy our kids toys that follow certain trends or fashions according to what is popular on the television, or merchandise associated with the latest blockbuster films. For example my son has two whole draws full of Doctor Who toys.

Have you seen the new Doctor Who series with Matt Smith? He is a very good actor, and we do enjoy watching the new Doctor, but my son always make a comment at the end of each show that he still prefers the tenth doctor played by David Tennant, and his toys are all from this time.

Now I know that the Daleks and Cybermen figures we have are timeless, and will probably pop up in future episodes of Doctor Who, so may be worth keeping even though they have not been played with in over a year. But I had a look on eBay recently only to discover that the market for the David Tennant Doctor figure is alive and kicking – especially the large 10 inch figure, which we have one of currently reclining in a toy draw.

Would my son miss the Doctor if he were to go for a little walk on eBay? Probably not, so I have my eye on fixing a date for the Doctor on eBay in the not too distant future, probably accompanied by some of his shorter companions too.

So the next time you are considering having a spring-clean, regardless of the time of year, see if there are any long-forgotten toys that you can hunt out and sell on eBay, or even gather together for a car-boot sale. It could end up being quite profitable for you.

Find a toy and look up the completed listings on eBay to see what it is selling for second hand. Then you have a good idea about what you could possibly get for it, or even if it is worth listing at all.

If you do decide to list the toy, try to plan it so the auction ends on a Sunday in late afternoon or evening as this is a good time for people to be looking on eBay for bargains.

Happy Hunting, erm… I mean spring cleaning!

What’s the best thing you have sold on eBay? Let us know your story.

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