How To Make Refrigerators More Energy Efficient

If not pay attention to energy saving refrigerator, more than a general monthly electricity consumption of about 5 degrees.

Home refrigerators use the same store food, how much power can be very different. Here are some energy saving tips.

(1) choose the size specifications of the refrigerator should be based on the needs of their own home and not bought a large refrigerator. Eating habits from our residents to see, household refrigerators to about 50 liters per capita volume is appropriate. Thus, three or four homes could consider buying about 150 to 220 liters refrigerator. Refrigerator doors should seal well around the door seal and the cabinet should be close between the match. Tissue pieces can be a test to see whether all parts of the folder so tight no one is allowed to slip slide. Old refrigerators should be noted that method was successfully applied, if the seal bad and should be repaired or updated.

(2) should be placed in the refrigerator temperature is low, and well-ventilated location, away from heat and direct sunlight. When placing the refrigerator and back left and right have adequate space to facilitate heat dissipation.

(3) refrigerators should be kept in cool and ventilated place, away from the wall to have a certain distance. Refrigerator condenser should be cleaned regularly to ensure that condensation effect.

(4) not to hot meals, hot water directly into, should leave to cool and then into the refrigerator within a period of time. Hot foods should be placed inside the temperature will increase, increasing power consumption, heat and food in the refrigerator frost will deposit.

(5) minimize the number of times to open the refrigerator door. Because the open air during the escape, the heat into the required cooling energy. Add or remove items, be quick, do not waste time. Ordinary household refrigerator, switch 20 times a day, each about 20 to 40 seconds, not only will increase electricity costs, will also affect the degree freezer refrigerator; switch 40 times a day, more than 30% tariff increase will also affect the life of the refrigerator. Open the door as little as possible while the number of short, open the door for one minute each, the temperature inside the restitution, the compressor must work 5 minutes, power 0.008 degrees.

(6) to select appropriate materials packaging frozen material. Unreasonable to make food taste dissipation packaging and dry, which will soon be translated into the water in the refrigerator frost deposition. In general, the compact packaging, preservation is better. As the small size easy to freeze through, more power with a small package, the amount deposited in the refrigerator can be divided into several packages each time, then add.

(7) the placing of the refrigerator should not be too much food too crowded, especially the square is not filled with packaged food, stored food should leave enough space between each other, to facilitate air circulation.

(8) according to the proper choice of food stored inside the temperature, such as fresh meat, fresh fish the cold temperature is about -1 , eggs, milk refrigeration temperature is about 3 , vegetables, fruits, frozen temperature about 5 . It should be noted that the refrigerator thermostat knob on the disk marked 1,2,3,4 and so the figures do not mean a specific temperature within the refrigerator, but said the extent of low temperature, the greater the number of general directions that the refrigerator the lower the temperature. According to the temperature of food stored in the needs and environment temperature, turn thermostat to adjust the rotation disk, so that the refrigerator temperature to meet the requirement.

Conditioning thermostat, but the key to power refrigerators. Summer, the thermostat knob is generally transferred to “4” or top. But in winter, go to “1” will be, and thus reducing the number of refrigerator compressor starts, power is of course the.

(9) placed in the freezer of food, before eating can be first transferred to the refrigerator interior melting, so that transfer of cold into the refrigerator, saving energy.