How to make table tents for high class establishments

Table tent printing is a crucial strategy for the food business, most especially for high class establishments. Table tents provide a way for your more high-end customers to be enticed and tempted by your luxury menu getting you more sales. There are several things that you should note however when making table tents for these more well off demographics.  We have explained these concepts below for you. Hopefully this should help you out and making your table tents better for all your special customers.

1.  Take professional high quality photos for your table tent: First off are the table tent  photographs. Everyone who makes table tents know that you have to take nice and enticing pictures of your menu so that people can look at them and crave them in your table tents. However, while for most restaurants a simple picture can suffice, for higher class establishments with special kinds customers, this won’t do. You have to hire a true expert photographer to take high quality and professional photographs of your food items in this case.  They know all the techniques of lighting, smoke and image enhancements that can make your menu look their best. This is the only way to make beautiful table tents that attract more picky higher class customers.

2.  Look for stylish fonts: The font must also come into your attention. Do not just use that run of the mill font. If you can, use a more elegant and sophisticated style which represents the equally sophisticated image of your establishment. Try using detailed classic, or neo-classic styles which are intricately artistic but still perfectly understandable for most people.

3.  Write your table tent text in a professional manner: Of course, from the font, we also go to the text content itself. Your content’s style and tone must also match the sophisticated nature of your table tent. For example, instead of delicious, why not say delectable? If it is enjoyable, why not say luxurious? Your choice of words and tone can really lift a run of the mill table tent to a more lofty status. So don’t forget to write your table tent text accordingly.

4.  Hire a professional layout artist for the design: Finally, for the design, always remember to hire a professional layout artist. It may only be for a simple table tent, but professional designs can mean a lot. It can make a simple “food presentation” table tent into something that demands attention and entices taste buds. With the correct layout and design, people will respond well to your table tents, most especially the ones with good taste.
5.  Use the finest printer and materials: Next, in terms of printing those color table tents, there is no substituting professional printing. Do not rely on yourself or your colleague to print table tents at home. Professional printers  are experts at printing promotional materials which can make that design really come true in print. By using state of the art printing and cutting machines, coupled with the correct kinds of paper stock a simple table tent can turn into something very good and pleasing to the sophisticated eye.

6.  Create eye catching table tent mounts: Lastly, with your table tents printed, you will also need a table tent mount. For some, the table tent is already the mount itself, just like a tent. For others though, a table tent printing can be mounted on certain kinds of special frames, flaps and hangers. Your mounts of course should also match the overall sophisticated theme that you should be promoting. This should establish a coherent theme for your business which is a mark of a professional

That should give you all the information that you need for creating table tents for use in high class establishments. You may note that it is pretty much like the usual table tent printing process. The only difference really, is the extra attention to detail and quality for the table tents. This extra effort is what separates the common table tents from the luxury ones.