How to Make the Most of Your Karaoke Experience Without Going Broke Buying Equipment and CD’s

Karaoke is becoming very popular as the younger generation gets involved in music and they realize they can sing their favorite songs amongst their friends. In fact, a lot of up and coming singers spend a lot of time singing to their favorite artists songs so they can get more experience singing in front of people and losing their stage fright.

Background information on Karaoke…Karaoke started one night in a Japanese bar when the entertainment didn’t show up for their gig. The owner of the bar put on some music and asked the patrons if they wanted to sing for the bar.

Once this idea took off, there were problems with the noise because everyone wanted to sing loud so their friends could hear them from the back of the bar. So, they came up with “freight train car” bars to contain the noise and they put them all over the city and in urban areas.

They would not only sing Japanese songs, but also songs from the western hemisphere. The popular artists at the time were The Beatles and Elvis. The choice of artists has changed with the variety of new artists available. The biggest benefit of learning songs from the West was the practicing of the English language.

Since the spread of Karaoke over all the countries, people are secretly and not so secretly spending thousands on their singing passions. Karaoke bars are popping up all over the world and people are practicing more at home to sound good in front of their friends in the bars.

There are lots of karaoke systems ranging from $ 100 that will provide the basic music to $ 10,000 systems that will make you sound like you are in a concert hall.

But why spend so much money on a system, when you can use your home TV and DVD player to practice Karaoke. That’s where KaraokeStar DVD comes to the rescue. Most home TV Theater systems come with ports for microphones and you can turn your system into a thumping Karaoke Center Stage and use your DVD player to play the discs.

KaraokeStar DVDs have 800 songs on 4 discs and a complete list of artists can be found on their website so you know you aren’t getting songs you will never use. Why pay for something you will never use?
KaraokeStar DVDs also come with “Kamikaze” mode and picks the songs randomly that adds excitement to your night while you are watching your friends try to keep up with the lyrics.

As a Karaoke host, I have seen people spend thousands on systems and on music. We have spent over $ 10,000 just on music but we are professionals and have special licensing requirements. But even then, we have songs that people will never sing. So, why should you spend thousands on useless songs when you can get 800 popular songs for $ 67 for the 4 disc collection? Go to my blog to get the rest of the story on KaraokeStarDVD…