How To Make-up Of The Perfect

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1, the eyes are the focus of the face
Women make up the focus on “eyelash” international calls “first make-up.” However, at home, many women are confused focus on the “lips” on the spit a lipstick that is dressed up, this is completely wrong. No matter when, the eyes are the focus of a face.
2, as long as the middle of the face on the wet powder on it
Many women often like wet powder painted a whole face, this makeup feels like a mask. In fact, the purpose is to make color uniform, fresh, as long as the middle of the face on the wet powder on it. This simple three-dimensional face can increase.
3, do not pay attention to the skin, only pay attention to features of the approach is not correct
Is a current international popular fine particles, micro-fluorescent powder, the purpose is to create a crystal clear flawless skin. Do not pay attention to facial features, skin and make-up is only to the current trend. Some women do not beautify the skin, only to the practice of facial make-up is not correct, but not Tiffany jewelry beautiful.
4, life does not draw the eyeliner makeup popular, or perception of rigid, old-fashioned
Some women are drawn from top to bottom eyeliner, can not wait to draw the eyes of a “bracket”, in fact, life does not draw the eyeliner makeup popular, or perception of
rigid, old-fashioned.
5, eyes, mac eyeshadow should not grab the limelight
Overwhelming number of women’s eyebrows, too prominent, and a look that is drawn. In fact, the eyebrows should not be robbed at any time the thunder of the eyes, the eyes will always be the cleverest part of a face.
6, Asians for the color is a neutral color and not color contrast
Some women in the pursuit of life, high intensity contrast color, not a black and color with a hit, a very bad effect on the makeup. Asians are mostly yellow skin, black hair, eyes black and white, color contrast is very strong self for the color is neutral and not many contrasting colors, Asians can put a lot of neutral colors such as gray, fawn unique interpretation of charm.
7, the difference between life and a huge mirror
Asians with strong color can also be used, but only for people with high color intensity, which is a fair-skinned person. Some people think that taking pictures on the mirror the more colorful the better clothes, so life is also copied, in fact, the difference between life and on the mirror is huge. Clothing color, the Japanese women to do better, may wish to learn about.
8, off the face should be cool Asians
Asian background color of the face should be cool, this will increase the brightness of color face, people look young spirit. And many women are wrong to use the warm colors, so that his face had more yellow.
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