How To Make Your Customers Go Back And Make Another Purchase

How do you keep your customers? This is one of the most essential questions you need to answer if you are a business owner trying to grow your small business and create opportunities to increase your profits. By maintaining your existing customers to return and buy from you again and again, you are assured of profits that can give you leverage in your industry.

Why do people choose to stay with the same company for their needs and wants? Consumers often make their purchases with the same company because they happen to find their services satisfactory. The customers get a high standard of customer service more than what the bigger companies can provide. Thus, these customers are happy to shell out their hard earned money on a company that gives them the most satisfaction.

Keeping your customers happy then is a crucial factor that you need to understand. You need to know how to keep your customers happy so that you can build a long lasting relationship with them, which will make them buy from you again and again.

How do you keep your customers happy? You can retain your existing customers if you can have the following qualities in your customer service.

The personal touch – Often, personal gestures such as greeting your customer by name; or preparing their usual order because they come in your doors at the exact time everyday; and even addressing your business letters in pocket folders with your customer’s nickname – these are small personal ways to demonstrate to your customers that you know them and that you value the business they provide your company.

That special stationery inserted in quality pocket folder printing when you send them your brochures and catalogs can make them feel special and appreciated. It solidifies their belief that they have a firm relationship with you that they would always get what they’re looking for in your type of customer service. This would then make it easy for them to go to you every time they have a need for the benefit that you can provide.

The reliability and confidence – It is too easy to promise the moon and the stars especially when you’re just too eager to get a deal sealed and delivered. The only thing you should be wary of is whether you can deliver what you promised in the first place. Bad news do travel so fast that the last thing you want is for your dissatisfied customer to blab about your being unreliable when it comes to the guarantees you provide when they made an order from you. So be sure to deliver what you have promised and make the claims in your marketing collaterals true to create confidence among your existing customers.

Fast response – Whether it is a good review or a bad feedback, always make sure that you respond right away to a customer’s question or complaint. The trick is to deal with a complaint as quickly as you can (within 24 hours at least) and as satisfactorily as you are able to. Consumers are known to be silent when they are dissatisfied with the service they got. What they’re going to do instead is to never go back to your store when they feel that you weren’t able to listen and respond to their concerns. And worse, they would tell every person they know about the bad experience they got from your business.

Responsive employees – Your employees are your representatives that’s why how they act and react would reflect on you and your business. Train your employees on how to handle especially those difficult situations and ensure that each of your staff understands the kind of customer service you would want to provide your clients. When everyone in the organization is aware and practicing great customer service, your customers will surely notice it and would return to you because they were really satisfied with you.

Be grateful – Send your customers thank you cards and marketing collaterals in quality pocket folders along with freebies and giveaways that would make them feel special. Everyone can appreciate a gift no matter how small it is. It’s the thought that you remembered to be grateful with the business that your customers brought to your company that counts. And definitely, it will be remembered by your clients.