How To Make Your Ex Crawl Back To You Fast – This Is The Solution That You Have Been Searching For

The thing about breakups is that they are final only if you choose to do nothing about them. When your ex called it quits, this could have been caused by an impulse to want out, probably because you were fighting over something, instead of a result of careful thought and consideration (although the latter can happen). If your breakup situation belongs to the first case, you can get your ex crawling back to you with these ideas. 

Calm down 

Breaking up means taking the time off from being a couple. Don’t go into panic mode because your ex has already left you. Breathe and get your composure back. This is a great time to see things from another perspective. If you want to get your ex to take you seriously, then be an adult and stop throwing tantrums around because you got dumped. You’ll never get your way doing that. Be calm and show your ex that the breakup may be painful but it is a good opportunity for both of you to explore other possibilities. 

Let your ex miss you 

Don’t call up or send text messages to your ex at every opportunity. If you never did this when you were together, there’s no reason why you should do this now that you’re already a has-been. Don’t pester your ex. If space is what he’s asking, then space is what he’s going to get. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you start hiding in corners each time you see him coming, don’t try contacting him any more than is necessary particularly if you work together or if you move in the same social circle. 

Be civil 

You are bound to bump into your ex right after a breakup so prepare to be civil. Don’t harbor bitter feelings – or at least show that you have them when you’re in the company of your ex. This will only make him feel more burdened and cement the idea that breaking up with you is the best thing that has happened to him. Be nice – not sugar sweet nice – but humanly possible nice. 

But don’t be friends 

Never accept the ‘let’s be friends’ speech because you will never get to that level – at least not in the near future. You can’t be friends with somebody who just dumped you or right after he dumped you. Being friends will compel you to be nice and behave as if nothing painful happened. So for the sake of your sanity, don’t accept this proposition. Show him that you still care and you can’t be friends. Maintain your distance, live on and once he finds the void that you have left in his life, he’ll just come crawling back to you without the ‘just friends’ suggestion.

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