How To Make Your Resume Unforgettable

There are certain qualities that business owners like to see in potential and future employees. One of those qualities is an individual who takes pride in what they do. Not pride as a fault, that he or she is prideful or constantly needing praise and accolades, but pride in a sense that he or she takes personal responsibility and holds himself or herself to a high standard and work ethic.

One way to stand out from the stack of applicants is to include personal accomplishments on a resume, including honors or awards one has received. However, more important to an employer may be specialized courses or certifications one has completed. So it is important not to add too much fluff to a resume and end up drowning out the more important accomplishments and certifications.

For example, if you asked anybody walking down the street if they would like a free shopping trip in exchange for their point of view on the customer service, they would take it. So how do quality assurance companies find the right employees for such a job?

These companies are looking for more than just the average Joe to tell them about the customer service at the store, they need a trained eye. You can imagine the flood of applicants a dream job like this would attract. But someone has to get the assignment. How can that someone be you?

Mystery shopper certification is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. By including a mystery shopper certification on your resume, you are letting your future employers know that you take your job seriously and have invested in your career. But making sure you select the appropriate mystery shopper certification for the industry you are applying for and that the mystery shopper certification comes from a reputable institution or association are just as important as being able to write it on your resume.

Imagine if you fell for a scam shopping program and placed it on your resume. Employers may not take you seriously or may wonder if you are falsifying your resume. The reputation of the facility that you claim to have experience and qualifications from should be well known to your market. Just as a poorly represented company can harm your resume, having a respected mystery shopper certification on your resume can have a positive impact and send your name to the top of the list.

Your resume is most often the only impression a quality assurance company will get from you. This is because they may be assigning shops from a corporate location hundreds of miles away, which means you probably have no connections within their group through a friend of a friend or some other social acquaintance. The only way for them to get to know you is how you represent yourself through written and verbal communication. Certifications can sometimes do a little talking for you and get you one step closer to having a foot in the door.

Certifications in whatever area of expertise you claim will prove to your future employers that you take pride in what


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