How to Mix and Match Deck Railing Materials

One of the best ways to beautify your backyard or garden patio is to add a deck. This structure is normally elevated to make it a center of attraction in any outdoor space. With this deck, a family can spend a relaxing time outdoors or entertain friends and guests on special occasions especially during a warm night.

Many homeowners prefer a deck made from wood. Wood evokes a classic look and promotes a cool ambience. When maintained properly, people can even go barefoot while spending time on their outdoor deck.

Decks won’t be complete without a railing. The railing is an important component of a deck and one which provides security to the people who use it. The truth is, if you see a garden deck from a distance, the first thing that usually catches your eye is the railing. With the deck railing, it feels nice to hold on to something when moving around the deck or just standing there marveling at a great view such as beautiful plants and flowers or at the star-filled sky?

Deck railings can be made from various materials. Even though the deck flooring is made of wood, the railing can be of another material to achieve a unique look.

A modern trend in installing an outdoor deck is by mixing and matching materials. For instance, you can use iron railings to create a unique look. Iron is more durable compared to wood and can stand bad weather. It also requires little maintenance which is why it is ideal for outdoor use. You will just have to apply a coat of paint every now and then to get rid of rust buildup. A great advantage of iron is that it can be bended and made into beautiful designs to suit your personal style.

One way you can use iron is by having your railing designed in a way different than the usual. Instead of the horizontal balusters, you can choose an intricate design in accordance with a certain theme you like. There are a wide range of pre-made designs available today on the market. If not, you can have your own design customized.

Did you also know that you can mix wood with glass in your deck railing? It is now very possible and you can choose to use the glass baluster type or the glass panel type. The glass used is normally tempered to make it last long. For the glass, you have a choice between the clear, tinted and opaque or frosted glass look.

Another material you can match with wood is the vinyl railing. This is great for outdoor decks because it needs little maintenance, is a durable material as well and can endure bad weather conditions. Compared to wood, the vinyl material does not splinter and the edges are smooth which means it does not pose any harm to people using the deck.

Achieving your own personal deck railing design is a matter of mixing and matching materials. You need not go with the trend all the time because what stands out is your own creativity.