How to operate Nikon Digital camera?

Nikon Coolpix L22 is a 12 megapixels digital camera and it comes with stylish look and compact design.This features an electronic VR image stabilization, 3 inch LCD screen, 12 megapixels imaging sensor and auto scene selector. Using this auto scene selector, you can take image in different situations. This camera has 19 MB internal memory and it is powered by AA-size alkaline batteries. The Nikon Coolpix L22 camera comes in black, blue, red and champagne silver colors. The Nikon Coolpix L22 camera has 12.0 Mega pixel CCD and 3 inch LCD display with 230, 000 pixels. This also has 6x optical zoom lens and record movies at 640 x 480 with sound.

There are numerous Nikon digital cameras available in the market. The first is the Nikon series D90 and it is suitable for occasional and professional users. The Nikon series D90 is famous brand of intuitive design and video capabilities. The Nikon D90 and D300 have same type of sensor and also the capacity of ISO. Nikon D90 series has an excellent control over layout options. This gives easy access to the image quality, white balance and ISO. The Nikon D70 is a lower end digital SLR from Nikon. This has many advanced features. Push the power button to activate the camera. To capture the image hold down the larger button found in front of the power button.

You can adjust capture mode with dial on the left side of the camera.There is small image printed on the dial and it helps to select a mode for your environment. Using this, you can take sports activities or fast moving items. This camera has auto focus and it allows control to focus your lens. If you wish to perform this action, push the tab down to manual. The zoom ring is used to move the image closer or far away. To remove Nikon Digital camera lens, push down the lens release button. Turn the lens to the left and it comes out. To insert the lens back to the camera, locate red dot on the top of the lens. This camera captures the image with high quality and it also comes with different options. The Nikon Coolpix L22 has 12.0 million effective pixels, 3.6x optical zoom and 3inch LCD display. You can take video recording at 30 fps with sound. Best shot selector shoots the maximum of 10 sequential shots.

The weightage of this camera is 183g and it has vibration reduction. The price rate of this camera is 10k to 12k INR.