How to Pick Out the Best Registry Cleaner and What They Do

When your computer gets slow, buggy, or even flat out crashes, yet your virus scanner nor your spyware scanners can’t find any problems, your problem likely lies within your system’s registry. This is like your system’s memory, or a database of your settings for all of the many programs on your computer. The problem is that sometimes things can go awry and corrupt sections of your registry which manifests in a number of annoying problems. It’s not advisable to make changes yourself as you can easily cause some irrevocable problems.

This is why professional programs called registry cleaners were designed and released to specifically tackle these issues, but with so many of them on the market these days it can be difficult to identify what works and what doesn’t. As such, here what to know about these programs as well as how you can find and pick out the best registry cleaner out today.

The most important thing is to make sure that the registry cleaner that you’re looking at is compatible with your version of Windows. Some are only designed with certain versions in mind and because Windows changes their design with each version of Windows every few years, not every program is compatible with every version. The best registry cleaner and cleaners encompass and work across all platforms which is ideal especially for homes with multiple PCs.

Make sure to get a program with a restore function, as well. This is important because in the event that the program cleans part of your registry and suddenly a program of yours has stopped working, you’ll want to know that you can get it back if need be to working condition. But as important as this is, not all cleaners even offer this option, so be on the look out for it as this is something which the best registry cleaner and cleaners will offer.