How to Play FarmVille on Facebook – 3 Overlooked Steps

Pick a crop, sow a field, plant the seed wait a while and harvest. Yes it is that easy, but is it really that simple? Looking at the game from a larger perspective though, there are 3 key areas that will seriously affect how well you play FarmVille on Facebook.

Focus – You need to decide what you want and go for it. Are you trying to level up quickly? Are you trying to get cash? Is there a specific item you want for your farm? Also you will want to think about your ribbons too. Make sure that the ribbons you want to get are consistent with the focus that you have chosen. They will come quicker that way and you’ll get that great XP and money boost. Once you make your decision you’ll be able to apply a laser focus to how to achieve your goals.
Organization – This relates to planning your farm. You are going to want to maximize your farm space for what it is that you are working towards. For example if you are going for experience plow as many fields as you can and forget the decorations until you get to where you want. It seems obvious but it gets overlooked so often. Also get familiar with XP and gold per hour ratios for the crops to make sure you are always planting the best crop for your time and level.
Dedication – It can be frustrating when you don’t seem to level all that fast because you are at the mercy of the crops as far as time goes. FarmVille is a game of patience, and yet if you are focused and organized your experience will be better than the guy that just builds a “pretty” farm. You need to stick with it though and make sure that you don’t miss your harvest, and go the extra distance by fertilizing all your neighbor’s farms and get that extra experience. It free, so you might as well take advantage of it.


These strategies are essential in becoming successful at FarmVille. Anyone can learn the basics of the game, but when you play without the proper planning a lot of the time people tend to peak in their 20s or they get frustrated and quit. I want you to succeed because once you get past level 37 and you’ve unlocked all of your crops – that’s when the fun really begins and you can start getting really creative with your farm.


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