How to Prevent Or Reverse Aging of the Face

When you start to see aging of the face, things like wrinkles, bags under the eyes or maybe a few age spots, you might get depressed. Here’s some news that should cheer you up.

These days, researchers are finding new anti aging face formulas on a regular basis. Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of many, seemingly common ingredients.

For example, you might be familiar with the antioxidant coenzyme Q10. It could be one of the nutrients in your daily health supplement. It’s good for the heart and other muscles. Generally speaking, it’s good for the health of your whole body. Now, it appears that, in the right form, it can reverse aging of the face caused by sun damage.

Sun damage is a major cause of wrinkling and the cause of age spots. Bags under the eyes are another problem, entirely, but new formulas containing protein peptides and plant extracts, as well as antioxidants, work to reduce bags, too.

Of course, there are a great many anti aging face creams on the market and for the most part, people are disappointed with the results. Read a few online reviews and you’ll see just how disappointed some women have been, after spending hundreds of dollars per ounce.

Although manufacturers are aware of the studies concerning the beneficial anti aging face formulas, they are unwilling to include the right form or the right concentration, because it would increase their costs, even more. They are willing to spend a great deal on marketing, advertising and celebrity endorsements, because they believe those things are necessary to sell their products.

A few manufacturers have started to realize that if you sell an effective product to reduce or reverse aging of the face; people will tell their friends and come back for more. So, you might say that word-of-mouth advertising is alive and well, particularly on the internet. By reducing their advertising costs, manufacturers are able to use the best ingredients and still make their products affordable.

When it comes to the ingredient coenzyme Q10, effective anti aging face creams contain the reduced form of the nutrient, so that it will penetrate through the skin’s outer layers. A 5% concentration is necessary to provide the results seen in clinical studies, which included a 30% reduction in wrinkles after six weeks of use.

Vitamin E has long been recommended to delay and reverse aging of the face, but most manufacturers use the synthetic form. Again, they choose to do that, because it is cheaper. Natural vitamin E is simply more active than the synthetic version. Because it is so active, other preservatives aren’t needed in creams containing it.

When it comes to anti aging face cream or any other cosmetic, you will be happier with the results, and less likely to have an adverse reaction, if the product is free of artificial preservatives like parabens. The health risks of parabens are unclear, but one thing’s for certain. Natural preservatives may help prevent and reverse aging of the face, but parabens do not.