How To Promote Music On The Internet Using Facebook!

In this article I want to show you how to promote music on the Internet using the biggest website online.

You might be thinking Google, but would you be surprised to hear that Facebook now gets more monthly views than the mighty Google! Plus the users stay on the site ten times longer because they are all very busy spying on on their ex boyfriends and girlfriends 😉

With this knowledge in mind we need to develop an effective Internet marketing plan to tap into that traffic and get new fans to our website.

The problem with marketing anything on Facebook is that people see it as a safe haven from all the other marketing hype online, and if you go in there with all guns blazing you will totally ruin your image and people with think you suck.

Always keep in mind that the most effective way to promote your music on the Internet is to get people to LIKE something you put out there. But they will only do that if your stuff is really really good.


So most of you know how this works…and have probably done a little yourself.

You go into myspace trying to learn how to promote music on the Internet and you see all these bands friending you because you like Michael Jackson…

…so you give it a try yourself.

You jump onto another bands fan list and start adding 400 new friends a day…

…and then wonder why none of then want to listen to your music?

The problem is that none of them asked to hear from you, and they dont give a [email protected]* about what your doing!

Now you could try that same tactic on Facebook. You find your favorite band and then try and friend all the people on their fan page.

Two thing will happen:

1. None of them will except you because they have never heard of you.
2. Facebook will boot you out faster than you can say Im a spammer.

So here are a few steps to get your music marketing going on Facebook:

* Set up the iLike app on your fan page. Over 200 million users.
* Use Reverb Nation: This will allow you to set up a widget on your fan page that can capture your fan details and also offer them your music for sell.
* Invite all your friends and family to your fan page and ask them to like it. This will start a small viral trickle.
* Ask your fans to add your music player to their profile.
* Another great way to promote your own music on the Internet is to become friends with other bands and promote each other so that you both get new fans.
* Set up your twitter and blog feed to automatically update your fan page.
* Install the good causes application.

Final thoughts.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are a whole bunch more ways to promote music on the Internet using Facebook and all the other social networks.

But I have a rule about marketing that goes like this….

You should go where the most people are i.e. Facebook, and you should use simple marketing tactics that have been proven to work.

Make a habit and work on it everyday. BOLA TANGKAS