How to Protect Your Chicken from Frequent Predators

Chickens are not quite high on the meals chain and however they are no match for many of the insects or bugs you are going to find living in your yard. Insects such as crickets, spiders and ants.

This is a single of the factors why you will hear a lot of chicken owners say that they are great all-natural insect repellents and bug manage.

Nonetheless, the chickens themselves have many predators of their own.

Here are just a few of the chicken predators that you must know about – raccoons, foxes, hawks, skunks, coyotes, mountain lions and other huge cats, and even regional domesticated dogs and cats. These are the animals that you should contemplate protection from when you are constructing the chicken coop, and also the location that you are going to be placing the coop as properly.

Maintaining your chickens safe is important.

You never want to wake up 1 morning to find that all your chickens have become meals for 1 of them many various predators that could possibly be living about your region.

Animals can sense and track their meals and even if you have by no means noticed them in you are location you will be surprised at how several commence to surface after you get your chickens.

Let’s take a appear at some of the predators a small more closely.

Mites are a single of the most widespread predators (rather they are parasites) and also the most hard to avoid. There are issues that you can simply do to treat mites, and keep in mind that discovering them early is the ideal.

The absolute best prevention of chicken mites is to make sure that the coops are clean. This will contain the bedding material as nicely.

Cleaning their coop should be some thing that is completed often and the much more chickens that you have the much more frequent you need to be cleaning the coop. It is essential that you are utilizing hot soapy water and lightly scrubbing the coop at a minimum of when a week.

This will support to maintain a clean living region for all of your chickens.

Raccoons are for the most element nasty animals. If you need proof of just how nasty they are take a appear at what they will do to your chickens if they are able to get to them.

Raccoons will basically kill the chickens and leave them or drag them only a few feet away from the kill internet site. So the probabilities of you seeing your dead chickens are incredibly probably. This is not anything that you want to see happen to any animal and surely not your personal pets.

So how can you guarantee that you are guarding your chicken from these really frequently identified predators?

It really is actually relatively straightforward to do. You just need to feel about the possible chicken predators in your neighborhood when contemplating the location exactly where you strategy on putting the chicken coop.

For instance placing the coop near wooded regions is not going to be the very best place. Numerous of the predators are lurking in there just waiting to get their claws into your chickens.

The greatest way to shield your chickens is to surround their region with a chicken fence. I comprehend that this can turn out to be pricey, but you do not need to have to get crazy. Merely placing a higher chicken mesh fence around their enclosure will support to keep out these unwanted guests and hold your chickens protected from their grips.

We love our pets and keeping them healthier and secure is some thing that all chicken owners want to do. The only way that you can ensure their security is by finding out every little thing you can about them their predators, prospective illnesses, and suitable caring.