How to Pull Your Ex Back! 4 Absolute Must Know Tricks to Make Your Ex Like You Again!

Finally after too much bickering and fighting over seemingly ridiculous issues your ex has walked out on you. You feel that you are the one who is wronged and can’t help feeling like a victim. All you want to do is lie on your couch and wallow in self pity. Well, that is not going to ease your situation one bit. What you need is to analyze the causes that lead to the breakup and mend them if you can. If you are able to do this your ex will be back with you.
Ask friends for honest opinions.
True friends are the ones you must turn to in such times. Ask them to give you an unbiased critique of your relationship with your ex. If you have had the habit of having your way around and have been dominating your partner then your friends will certainly point it out. Ask your friends what they consider negative traits in you.
Mend your ways.
You will need professional help in dealing with these issues. Ask your friends to recommend a good counselor or find one yourself. You will need the moral support of your friends when you decide to go in for counseling. There is no harm in accepting that you are not perfect, nobody is. Implement all the behavioral changes suggested by the shrink or therapist. This will make you a better person and maybe take you one step closer to your ex.
Make a fresh start.
Take one step at a time. As you implement the changes, word will go around that you have become a better person and soon enough it will also reach your ex. However, don’t expect your ex to come running back to you. He/she will need demonstrable proof that you have changed for the better.
Apologize for your acts.
Once you have regained your confidence and are sure of yourself try and meet your ex at public places. Be polite and courteous. Let him know first hand that you have changed or are attempting to change. After a few weeks or months of meeting informally, ask to meet your ex in private. Apologize for your past mistakes and indicate that you are trying to change as a person. However do not request your ex to come back. Once your ex realizes that you have matured as a person he/she will once again like you and it will be only a matter of time that he/she comes back to you forever.