How to Recognize and Understand Behavioral Styles

As a coach, I have spent many hours studying and using behavioral assessments in my work with clients. And, I found that the better I became at understanding the four basic styles of behavior, the more effective I became as a communicator and coach. If you can master the skill of recognizing the predominant behavioral style of the person you are communicating with, you have the ability to speak their language.  You can use this skill to align yourself with the other person, to create rapport and trust. It also enables you to see the world through their filter, which can be extremely helpful in relationships of any kind.

So, let’s look at the four basic behavioral styles. 

 A Dominant style is usually recognizable as someone who is face-paced, decisive, focused on a vision, highly goal oriented, driven to win, competitive and possibly even someone who thrives on conflict. Highly Dominant styles will tend to focus more on tasks and less on people; they will be extroverted and outward focused. They will make decisions quickly and will not have a high need for detail unless it is directly relevant to the goal.
 The Influencer style is fun loving, life of the party, gregarious, warm, engaging, charismatic and will probably have many friends. High Influcencer styles will be more people oriented than task oriented; they will be extroverted. They will tend to shy away from high levels of detail because details just aren’t fun! They will tend to be idea people more than implementers. They will embrace change.
 The Steadiness style is thoughtful, pragmatic, reserved, loyal, deliberate, consistent and stable. Their style will be more people oriented than task oriented, and their general pace will be more slow and steady. They will tend to be slow to develop trust; but extremely loyal once they have done so. They will be slower paced and more introverted.
 The Compliance style is tactful, systematic, neat, dependable, conventional, accurate, and diplomatic. They will tend to be more focused on tasks than people; and their general pace will be slow and deliberate. Highly Compliant styles are very concerned with quality and will go to great lengths to make sure tasks are done properly and accurately. They are comfortable with a high level of detail and tend to be analytical by nature.

There are some quick ways to get a general sense of someone’s predominant behavioral style. These are the questions you can ask yourself about the other person. 
Are they fast paced or slow paced? Fast paced people will tend to be either Dominant or Influencers.
Are they introverted or extraverted? Introverted people will tend to be be either predominantly Steady or Compliant.
Are they more people-oriented or more task-oriented? People oriented styles are the Influencers and the Steady styles.
Are they more detail-oriented or more big-picture oriented? Big-picture orientation will usually be the Influencers and the Dominants.

Once you have determined the predominant style of the person you are talking with, it is an easy matter to shift your own style to match the other person, which will create deeper levels of rapport. BOLA TANGKAS