How To “recover Windows Username”-recover Lost Windows, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook Username & Password

Losing your Windows username can be quite a frustrating experience. Your username and profile is the only way you can access your system, and the time spent in trying to retrieve it or calling in a technician can prove to be extremely expensive, especially if you have some important work on hold. However, there are many ways to recover Windows username. There are many in-built tools in your operating system that can help you recover a lost username and profile. Your best bet would be the Windows System Restore program, as it will allow you to revert to your computer setting to the exact point before your username and profile was lost. However, there are other ways of recovering a lost username as well.

Your Windows user profile contains all the necessary files and settings that you need to carry on with your work. However, if your user profile gets damaged or is lost, then Windows will display a few error messages when you log on to the computer. In such a case, Windows will then automatically create a new user profile for you and will log you into this new profile. Once this is done, you will find that all your personalized settings, like the wallpaper, the color scheme and even the icons, are all gone. What’s more disturbing is that the My Documents folder won’t show any of your documents. Your Outlook Express and Internet Explorer won’t contain any of your personal settings or data. Disturbing to say the least!

When this happens to you, you’re bound to go into panic mode and think that you’ve lost everything. However, it is important to know that you’ve just lost your user profile and most of your data is, in actuality, very safe and sound.

In order to recover your lost username, you must first start off by working from an account that has full Computer Administrator privileges. Start the recovery process by first locating and opening your original profile folder, and then backing up all your data. Once you are done with backing your crucial data, it is now time to proceed to the recovery operation.

When attempting to recover a damaged Windows profile, the System Restore Operation is probably your best bet. This particular utility has been so designed to allow your computer to return to the state that it was in prior to getting lost or being damaged. Once you are done with the system restore, you will have to restart the machine. If the System Restore was successful, you will be able to log on to your original user account using your original username.

If the System Restore procedure does not prove to be successful, then it is time to take your recovery operations to a new level. In this technique, you will be attempting to revive your user profile by creating a completely new account and hence, a new user profile. You will then proceed to copy your entire user profile into the new account. While this may seem like a replication of the problem, it does indeed revive the user profile on many occasions.

These two techniques are worth a shot. If you have lost your Windows username, then fret not, as there are many other ways for you to recover Windows username. The same is true for those of you who wish to recover lost Windows, hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook usernames, passwords and the likes. One such an efficient method is the Stellar Windows Password Recovery tool. This tool can help you recover your usernames, passwords and files in no time at all!
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