How to Regain Control After Falling Off a Weight Management Program

Unfortunately it is so easy to fall apart on a fat loss program after working so hard for so long.  We try to instill habits but unfortunately emotional pieces of our past or present don’t go away so easily as throwing away a box of Oreos.  And lets face it, sometimes our motivation tanks and we just feel letting our guard down.

So how do you get back up after falling down from doing so well in your fat loss efforts?  Well, there isn’t a sure answer to that, as everyone will have their own method.  But I’ve been able to narrow it down to what has helped me in the past to rise from the ashes so to speak.

One of the first things I suggest doing is put on the brakes.  It is so easy to slip and slide out of control so fast that before you know it you have gained 20 pounds back that it took you two months to lose.  Put on the mental brakes and regain control of your thoughts which will regain control of your actions.  Reflect on what causes you to go out of control so suddenly and take action steps to redirect your actions when you feel the urge coming on.  It would also be helpful to sit down and write out on paper why you are spinning out of control.  Write down your emotions, fears, and other challenges.  Sounds corny, but writing things down puts it right in your face in black and white as to why you are doing what you are doing.

Another step you can take is to contact a support person.  Someone you trust and know will truly help you in your time of need.  I know it is a very difficult step for a lot of people to admit they need help, but if you can’t admit it, then you will have to also face the difficult reality that at some point you will not succeed because of your refusal to ask for help.  Just ask, there are many willing people out there that you can lean on and would love to be a mentor to you.

When you are ready to start your re-transformation again, be sure to take baby steps.  One thing at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed and fall back down again.  Take one day at a time or one action step at a time.  Often many will make the mistake of jumping back in whole hog, trying to get back to the way they were only to fall harder then they did before.  There is a reason we didn’t go to school for one day.  You can’t expect to accomplish everything and do very well at it in a day or even a week.  Fat Loss is especially hard so taking it slow must be the best route to take.  And since you are trying to re-instill habits, then that takes time in itself.  Be patient

There will always be challenges, but that’s ok, they should be expected.  Life  doesn’t stop because you want to stay lean.  We must adapt our lifestyles to our life changes and accept that hiccups will happen, it is just how we react after the hiccups are gone that will allow us to be happy with ourselves.