How To Remain Cool With An Irate Caller

If youre in business or working as a telephone agent, you can never really avoid meeting irate people. These are the ones who will scream, curse, or even threaten to sue you for a lot of reasons. Usually, its mans instinct to fight back when he feels threatened, but the truth is it can only make things worse. The challenge therefore is how to remain cool at all times even when you have an irate caller on the line.

1. Dont say anything yet. Never try to cut the person when he or she is speaking. First, you wont be able to listen properly to his or her concerns and react more effectively. Second, theres a good chance you may be able to say something bad and worsen the situation you are currently in. Nevertheless, provide the caller with a reply once in a while, such as I am listening or Okay. At least, youre trying to let him or her know youre listening.

2. Take down notes. This person, as much as possible, demands resolution at your end. You will not be able to do that if you are not trying to remember the important points. Learn to take notes. If you are, dont forget to let him or her know about it. There may be times when youre going to ask him or her to repeat certain information.

3. Apologize. Whether the claims are true or not, you still want to apologize for the inconvenience the situation has caused to the caller. You have to understand that bearing such anger is going to be stressful at his or her end. However, you should also remember to not go overboard with the apologizing. Other than the inconvenience, theres not much to say sorry about. You still want to let your customer know your company is still reputable and credible.

4. Focus on the case. Dont dwell too much on the frustration or anger. You dont want the customer to remember the incident too. Rather, bring his or her attention to the main issue.

5. Solve it. This is the most important step. You have to do your best to solve the problem, and that means pulling as many resources as you can. Dont be afraid to put your customer on hold if it means getting the information he or she needs. Moreover, dont be afraid to escalate the case to the experts. Your customer may feel disappointed you cannot settle the problem immediately but would thank you later for not giving him or her false hopes.

6. Psyche yourself. You need to prepare yourself on the possibility that every call is going to be an irate one. Now, some would feel too anxious over the idea. If this happens to you, you can use subliminal messages.

The subliminal messages can get into your subconscious, an area of your mind that is free of any logic or reason. Hence, you dont get to filter out these subliminal messages. You can tap on them if you want a change in perspective. You can try the following subliminal messages:

I wont get affected by the irate call.
I have the power to do my best to help out my customer.
I will take care of my customers needs. BOLA TANGKAS
Best Fight Scenes: Jackie Chan

(Born Chan Kong-song) Probably the most internationally recognizable Asian actor, he has entertained audiences around the world with his unique style of comedic action, stuntwork, and prop use ever since his first major film role in 1978’s Drunken Master. With his renowned stunt team, he has made a lasting impact on Kung Fu Cinema. Here’s a compilation of my favorite Jackie Chan fight scenes.

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