How To Remove Acne On Your Face

The reason why there appear some acne on our face vary from individual to individual ,but the methods We can remove them are of a large numbers,some of what is really simple and effective .A health care professional research report shows that the causes of acne are As follows:

1, Wash face too often, wash your face more than 2 times a day will stimulate your face skin produce more oil.

2. You do not have a habit that dry your face after wash it . Weak Alkaline Sweat is conducive to the bacterial growth, Neutral water will dilute the acidity of sebum film, so the ability to resist foreign bacteria invade is weaked.

3. Used to touch the face, touch your hair or have the habit of touch forehead , therefore the dirt of your hands would often stick to the face during touching and produce acne.

4.Fall in love with meat, fried food, desserts, but do not like having vegetables and fruits. It is committed that only eat meet without fruits and vegetables will make the digestive system move in an unnormal condition and accumulation of toxins.

How to remove acne?
1. Wash method to eliminate acne:
Clean the facial skin can achieved the effect to clear away the acne. First, prepare a clean soft dry towel and a small irritant neutral soap; put the soap in warm water (22-23 degrees) then rub it until there come into being a lot of foam ,the more the better . Holding the foam with both hands wash , wash for about 1 minute. Do not be too hard, stop to wash if you feel a Little pain.Then, wash with hot water (38-40 degrees) for 20 seconds, then back to warm water washing for 20 seconds, repeate the procedure for three times . Dry your face with a dry towel and then wipe the water gently

2.Remove acne with a method of fruit. First : tomato juice . 1 cup of tomato juice or eat tomato regularly has a good effect to prevent and treat of acne. Because tomatoes are rich for vitamin C, known as ” The warehouse of Vitamin C .”Vitamin C can effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that make the skin white and tender. 2 lemon juice with sugar: stir the lemon to juice, add crystal sugar and drink. Lemon is rich for vitamin C, 100 gram lemon juice contains vitamin C up to 50 mg. In addition it also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B .Often drink lemon juice, you can not only have a white and tender skin, prevent the blood vessels of skin to aging, eliminate facial pigmented spots, but also has the role of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. BOLA TANGKAS