How to Remove Maxion Spy Killer-Best Solution for Removing Maxion Spy Killer

If you’ve recently realized that your internet connection speed is slower and your PC performance is worse off than ever, then there’s a very real possibility that you’ve acquired the Maxion Spy Killer, which acts like a legitimate tool but will cause all sorts of problems and issues for your computer.


What is Maxion Spy Killer

Maxion Spy Killer is a fake antivirus program, which could mine your data for private information about you and your finances and using up your computer’s resources to do it.


How to Remove Maxion Spy Killer?

The way to get rid of this virus is to stop the program from actually running, and then remove it from your PC for good. But the fact is the virus you have will be working by using several key files to run. If you want to get rid of it, you must delete all of the files it is relying on. How to remove the infection? There are two methods you can use.


Manually get rid of the virus by restarting your computer into Safe Mode and then delete its files.

Instructions for booting your windows in safe mode:

1. From Start, click Shutdown

1. Select Restart and click OK.

2. During the process, press on F8 button, and then the Windows XP Startup Menu will be shown.

3. Select Safe Mode in the Startup menu, and press the Enter button.

4. If you fail, please try again. If you fail to do it for many time, turn off your computer. When the computer is turned on the next time Windows should notice that the computer did not successfully boot and give you the Safe Mode screen.


Another way is using an automated malware removal program.

As far as I know, Perfect Uninstaller is an excellent malware removal program that helps you uninstall/remove any unwanted programs safely and completely in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. This intelligent program provides you very easy ways to get rid of the likes of Maxion Spy Killer, by first showing you how to stop the infection from running, and then completely remove it from the system without anything left in the drives/registry.


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